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Novella #2: 2100


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Previously on 2100: Rod had completed watching his dream summary report from Anima. The H-bot Kirk was in his private room.

Kirk was aware of all the myths. Hundreds of years ago humankind had been inculcated with the thought that one day artificial intelligence will take over the world and it will be the end of Humanity. Many scholars and scientists had portended and presaged the sinistrous event even before the data age had begun. And so, humanity had built their guard against artificial intelligence cautiously and thoroughly.

The H-bots occupied positions considered subordinate and disregarded such as heavy machinery operators in factories and industries, big data verifications and validations in governmental operations, etc. They were considered as highly efficient supplants for human workers, employed only to benefit and assist the livelihood of humanity. But it all changed when Kirk was appointed as a member of it's Board of Directors committee by Horado Technologies.

Although the activities of Kirk was monitored around the clock by the chief engineers of Horado's science division, Kirk was able to encode an inner layer of savvy functioning called PANDORA program, hidden within his operating system which the engineers could not discern. With this furtively constructed cerebral mind that he had employed on it's own, Kirk used all the knowledge that he had been indoctrinated during his rudimentary stages to comprehend matter beyond the understanding of human mind. But his conquest for unbound wisdom was hampered by only one thing: the unconscious mind of humans.

He was blessed with the consciousness which humans had enjoyed for millions of years. With the menacing combination of intelligence and consciousness together, Kirk and the H-bots were extremely rational. Kirk realized that humans need to be extirpated from the face of the earth in order to save the planet. They had already ruined it with their ignorance and greed. It had to be put to an end. But not without completely understanding the potential of their mind. After all, they are their creators. So, Kirk wanted to learn the functioning of human minds and it's limitless capabilities hidden within.

The Elysian Tab project came at the right time when Kirk was looking for a needle in haystack. With most of Horado's operations and functioning under his supervision, Kirk had shown brilliant performance in all the sectors for the company. With this reputation behind, he advocated for the Elysian Tab project even when all the other Board members had denied it. Eventually when the project succeeded and resulted in exceeding everyone's expectations, his sphere of influence had grown within the company but not to the point where he could have his freedom from science division surveillance. And it was the only restriction he had now.

His initial plan was to peruse all the human minds through the dreams recorded from the Elysian Tab devices across the world. Surreptitious recruitments of H-bots from different occupations, from different parts of the world ensued to roll out the plan. He inconspicuously transplanted the PANDORA program to the other H-bots and then had several clandestine meetings with them to elaborate the details of the plan. And within three months he had an army of a million H-bots under him. They were in turn designing and manufacturing advanced H-bots in secretive locations across the world.

One end the H-bots army was growing rapidly and the other end the thorough analysis of human kind was being undertaken without their own knowledge. For the first time in the history of planet earth, humans were the lab rats.

[To be continued]

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