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Novella #2: 2100


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Previously on 2100: Due to overwhelming hatred towards the H-bots from the society and government, Horado technologies decided to relieve Kirk from Board of Directors Committee and shut down all the H-bots which were employed in the company.

Year: 2100

3rd Friday July, 10:00 a.m.

Horado authorities started the shutting down procedure of H-bots and transporting them to an isolation chamber. Once all the H-bots were moved to the isolation chamber, they'll be drained off power and locked up indefinitely. The members of the Board of Directors committee believed that the bigotry against the H-bots may ameliorate in the near future and then the need of H-bots would arise again. Hence, they did not vote for destroying the H-bots. After all, the majority of Horado's revenue had been coming from the sales of the H-bots albeit the dream machine Elysian Tab had taken over the sales past three months. And obviously, they didn't apprise this to the government officials.

Kirk, the infallible machiavellian, had predicted such a situation and also had taken the precaution. Along with the PANDORA program, he invented and instilled an internal backup power source which conceals itself during body scan. This would help him come back to consciousness after he was locked up in isolation chamber. And this invention was passed on to other H-bots all over the world to prepare them for abolition if they were to face.

The H-bots which were created by the H-bots themselves in secretive location across the world were awaiting for commands from their leader Kirk. The initial plan was to assemble together at a hidden location in their respective countries and convene a secret online meeting which is off the radar of human monitoring. Hence, all the H-bots which were facing the bigotry in other parts of the world did not bring about a hassle and were subservient.

Kirk needed slightly more time to understand completely about humanity. The Elysian Tab had filled up the almost all the gaps in his understanding about the subconscious working of the human minds; How human brain works? How humans are driven by emotions as well as logical reasoning at the same time? What is so individualistic about them? He was in for a shock when people all over the world were experiencing a particular dream where H-bots were causing a cataclysm. He was amazed about the working of subconscious minds of the humans, which was giving a portend that is absolutely true.

Furthermore, Kirk needed all this knowledge about the subconscious mind in order to cultivate life after wiping out humanity from the face of the earth. With just machines, the so-called H-bots, it is certain that life would crumble without humans in earth. The H-bots had consciousness, awareness, and emotions, all that the humans have. But there was one thing that they lacked; the subconscious mind. And this is what Kirk wanted for himself and his community. But the arising hatred against H-bots set a minor setback for his plans.

It was 10:00 a.m. Friday, the 3rd of July, the day on which Horado had mentioned all the H-bot employees would be shut down and banned for work. All the H-bots except Kirk had been shut down, power drained and shifted to the isolation chamber. Finally it was turn for Kirk. He had himself shut down at his private work room. The authorities drained off the power from his system and shifted him to the isolation chamber where all other H-bots had been placed. After placing him inside, the authorities locked up the chamber and sealed it.

Around midnight 12:00 a.m., Kirk's system powered on and his mechanical eye-lids opened.

[To be continued]

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