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Poem #11: The Fall


Holding onto the ledge of a huge cliff,

I'm clinging to a promise made by a savior many ages ago.

Hope is what letting me hang indefinitely,

Irrespective of the excruciating suffering I endure.

When do I get saved by the promise that was made?

Neither do I know nor the person who made it.

I keep hanging like a soft doll that is put out for sale.

Except in my case there is no price tag on my life.

I forget the promise and start to believe my time has come to an end,

And I keep awaiting for the fall sooner than I had wished for.

Suddenly, I see a rescuer far away and I almost begin to yell,

Not only to save me from the fall but to instil a life that I had dreamed.

But I halt...

Do I need to hold onto the promise that was made by the savior?

Or do I need to call out for help from the rescuer?

Not knowing what do I need and what do I do?,

Precariously, I keep holding onto the ledge of the huge cliff.

Rather than a wish to make,

I think I better fall.

- Maddie

Author's Note:

  • If you find any mistakes or need for improvements please comment or reach out to me.

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