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Poem #17: Yours truly,

Yours truly,

Without any expectations

I would like to care for you

Whether you're near or far away

I would like to keep thinking about you

When you have tired days

I would like to make you take a nap in my lap

When you have happy days

I would like to sit down next to you and listen to you

When you are sad or demotivated

I would like to inspire you to keep pushing

I shall not be jealous of you

I shall be only happy for you

Without holding you back

I would like to let you fly

Whenever you want to jump high I would like to be the trampoline you need

When I surprise you every time, again and again

I would like to see the joy in your face freeze in time

When you transform into a kid

I would like to be your pal

If only I could to talk to you

About all I possess

But I won't...

I would like to stand alongside or behind you

I would like to take care of you

For how long?

Forever and ever!

Yours truly,


- Maddie

Author's Note:

  • If you find any mistakes or need for improvements please comment or reach out to me.

  • Image was generated using deepai.

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