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Poem #18: Happier Birthday

Happier Birthday

The Star can't stand the ever lasting absence of it's system,

Especially when it's a special day marking a decade.

Powerless, it tries hard to shine brighter every moment,

For it's rays to reach you on this day,

Only to be faded away in the darkness.

The pain and the remorse shower down like a thunderstorm,

But today is the day when it has to shine brighter than before.

Finding you among the infinity was a chance,

Which made the Star but losing you after,

Made it drift away into space with so much agony.

Traveling at the speed of light not only the rays,

But it's stellar body too yearns to reach you,

No matter how far you're away.

Collapsing into a black hole is the greatest fear that The Star broods as it continues to waver between past and future.

By any chance, yet again, one more time,

Would the Star be able to reach you? Or would you get back to this Star?

I pray the universe churns up a miracle,

And this special day shall be the beginning.

Persisting to shine brighter and brighter for you,

It thanks you for showing the meaning of true love!

The Star makes a resolute effort to glow cheerfully,

Wishing you happier days!


- Maddie

Author's Note:

  • If you find any mistakes or need for improvements please comment or reach out to me.

  • Image was generated using designer microsoft.

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