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Poem #9: Serenity


Birds fly.

So you decide to cage them

Or simply walk away.

Longing for someone

You lose them at some point


Even after this illumination

We take possession

Towards every fondness

There is a part of brain

Which is driven by logic

And another part

That exudes emotions.

So, heart just keep you alive

And does nothing else.

What is good for the bird

Must be the logic

Not anyone's emotionalism.

Planets revolve around Sun

Not around I or you.

So, gravity is essential because

Without it we would start flying.

Remember birds fly.

And you will have to walk away

When they do.

Better to yearn for only one thing

And that must be...


- Maddie

Author's Note:

  • If you find any mistakes or need for improvements please comment or reach out to me.

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