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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: Vinod had met with James, and persuaded to take him in, as a protégé.

29th Tuesday October, 10:30 a.m.

5 days before the recent bike heist at York Avenue took place.

Ravi, the Inspector General of police, Thomas, the Superintendent of police, Harish, the Inspector from the York Avenue police station, and all other Inspectors from different police stations across the city were seated in a conference room at the Director General of Police headquarters.

Ravi had called for this meeting a day before and they were waiting for Thomas, the DGP.

“Good Morning Everyone!”, enounced Thomas, as he entered the conference sternly and sat at the centre seat, in the far corner, which had been reserved for him. The conference room had an elliptical round table where everyone was seated around, with a linear distance between each other. The room had a projector facility which was set up against the wall right behind the DIG seat.

“I see all police ranks are present here. I suppose this must be something serious”, said Thomas. “Well without further ado, let us start the proceedings of the serious matter.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you. Well, uh... we’ve been having some bike issues lately in the city,” stated Ravi and began the proceedings. “At first it seemed to be a petty issue by a couple of miscreants but now the matter has evolved into an cynosure of everyone’s eyes especially the media. Hence, I had called for this meet. Our Inspector from the York Avenue police station has done some special investigations and would like to present his summary here, to all of us”, declared Ravi and gestured towards Harish.

Harish nodded and began, “Thank you sir. I’ll directly get to the matter and I request everyone to view the projection screen”. Harish had switched on the projector using a remote to present some slides.

Dates and details of Incidents’ read slide number 1.

“Date: 7th Sunday, July.

Bike: Bajaj Pulsar 150cc.

Bike condition: 1 week old.

Area: Doctor’s Colony, MNM Layout.

Time: Midnight.

Date: 4th Sunday, August.

Bike: Bajaj Pulsar 220cc.

Bike condition: 3 weeks old.

Area: Brindavan, Mayanagar.

Time: Midnight.

Date: 1st Sunday, September.

Bike: Yamaha MT 15.

Bike Condition: 2 weeks old.

Area: Teachers Colony, Boston Avenue.

Time: Day.

Date 6th Sunday October.

Bike: KTM Superduke.

Bike Condition: 3 weeks old.

Area: Greenwich, Woody Street.

Time: Midnight.

As you can see, there has been four bike thieveries executed. I say executed, because all these are not just random heists. They were well planned and conducted thoroughly without leaving any traces. Now, let me move on to the next slide.”

The Pattern’ read slide number 2.

So, what is common in all these incidents? If you can see all the previous four thieveries, it has happened on a Sunday and on the first Sunday of every month. All the bikes have been new and expensive ones. And if you notice one thing about the areas...” Harish paused and displayed the city map using the remote, “...All the areas are aligned in a straight line when you zoom out and see the overview of the city. The only thing out of place here, uh... is time, except for one heist all the events took place at midnight.”

“Interesting”, said Thomas impressed by the details so far. “What else you’ve got?”.

“Yes. We are not able to conclude on who are all involved, uh... you know, whether it’s one person or just a couple of guys, or a whole new mob? That is yet to be identified. But I have one thing to state for sure”, said Harish.

“What is it?”, asked Ravi.

“So, this may seem odd to all of you here. I suspect, ah... well, rather predict that the next bike heist will happen on 3rd November Sunday, either in York Avenue, or in R.P.C Layout. And I say this because these two residential areas are the ones that lie straight next to Woody Street, to be more accurate, I can bet on York Avenue this time” said Harish, leaving everyone wondering and gasping.

“Ha ha ha,” the DGP burst into laughter.

[To be continued]

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