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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: There was a high-level conference meeting going on at the DGP headquarters where findings about the bike thieveries were presented by Inspector Harish.

29th Tuesday October, 10:50 a.m.

“You must be joking right?”, said Thomas, the DGP, looking at Harish sarcastically and laughing out loud. “Well uh.. Harish, I’m impressed by your deduction skills but this is just a random series of incidents. I don’t think there’s any organized crime or pattern occurring here”.

“But Sir, I must say that there is something fishy about all these incidents...” intercepted Ravi, the IGP. “We must deploy additional protection and security in York Avenue and R.P.C Layout immediately. What if Harish is right?”, questioned Ravi.

Thomas face turned deliberative. “Then let it happen and then we can see what we can do” said Thomas in domineering tone.

“But Sir...” persisted Ravi but was interrupted by Thomas, “The discussion about this case ends here. Is Doug on the call? I need updates on the Home Burglaries case”.

Douglas known as Doug, was the Inspector of the Kennedy Avenue Police Station. He was working incognito, on the Home Burglaries case which had been haunting the Police community for almost two years. Over the last 24 months, a new Home invasion mob, identified as three in number, burgled multiple homes within the city at random places at random times. The police were clueless and unable to pursue the bandits. Inadvertently, five months back, when Douglas was on one of his night security rounds at Kennedy Avenue, ran into the bandits. There was a shootout and he managed to shoot down one of them who was a sidekick. Also, he caught a vivid glance of one of the other two guys when they tried to escaped under his nose. On a wild chase following the two miscreants, realizing that he might lose them, he made an aim for the leg of the guy who was running behind. The bullet was way off target and pierced the lower back of the thief. Douglas tripped over and fell to the ground after he had taken the shot. And when he recovered his balance back he found both of them missing. Frustrated, he rushed to the spot where the thief was struck with his bullet. There was fresh blood spilled around everywhere but he couldn’t figure out which direction they went. After this incident, the Home Burglaries had stopped in the city. Over the months, through digital imaging, Douglas was able to develop a picture of the thief’s face whom he had shot. Since he was working covertly, he had connected through a remote call to the conference meeting at DGP headquarters.

“Yes Sir, you can speak to him”, said Ravi, connecting Douglas and making him appear on screen in an virtual call.

Douglas was a man who never wasted time and he started right away. “We now have a clear picture of the criminal whom I took a shot. Let me just bring it up on the screen...”.

There was some mouse click sounds resonating across the room, and the picture of the convict appeared on the screen.

“Name: Samuels David. Primary suspect and mastermind of the Home Burglaries. Took a shot at lower back while escaping.”

Two other pictures popped up, with one bearing only the label 'Aid 2' and not any image.

“Aid 1: Suruli. Shot down and killed during the June month shoot out incident.

Aid 2: Unidentified. Escaped along with Samuels David”, said Thomas completing his presentation and moving back to Samuel's picture.

“Alright! What’s your status on the pursuit?” questioned Thomas.

“Yeah, well, uh... I’ve surveyed three areas under cover in the last few weeks. We do not have any information about Samuels David as of now. But the pursuit is in progress. We will need some more time Sir. And requesting your permission to continue with the mission”, said Douglas.

Thomas recollected the memories of denigration and besmirch thrown at the police, by the media over the last one year. “Alright! Continue the mission. I want that Samuels and his unidentified aid snatched out as soon as possible”, ranted Thomas.

Little did Thomas, Douglas and everyone else in the room knew that Samuels, known popularly as Sam in the underworld, was the uncle of James. It was James who had saved his uncle, Samuels at the night of shoot out and fled away. Sam and Jim, the alter-egos of Batman and Robin.

[To be continued]

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