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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: James had asked Vinod to look over Mike's home and his activities during the day. 

4th Monday November, 12:30 p.m. 

At the office of Director General of Police...

After the incident of the recent bike theft at York Avenue, Inspector Harish and his investigation team had been quickly summoned for a meeting with the DGP. He had presaged last night's event five days before and everyone including Thomas, the DGP had laughed over it. But yesterday he was proven right. And now Thomas had instructed Ravi to call for a meeting quickly with Harish and all other police personnel.

Everyone was seated in the round table inside the conference room. Thomas barged into the room as everyone stood up. He ensconced himself in the centre armchair overlooking the whole room.

Ravi started the proceedings. "Good Morning Everyone. As you all know, uh... about the last night's ...."

"Alright! Let's get straight into the matter. Mr. Harish you seem to be dead right in the investigation of the ongoing bike thefts. After last night's incident what've you got?" asked Thomas interrupting Ravi. Clearly, he was not amused by the recent developments of the bike theft case.

Harish was expecting some laudatory remarks from the DPG but was caught by surprise. "Well Sir, ... ah... so, we've got an identity of the suspect through one of the CCTV cam but the picture is obscure. And about the incident, even in yesterday's theft the bike was a new one, just three weeks old. And it was a KTM Superduke stolen at midnight. All the details are exactly similar to the previous incident on 6th Sunday October. So, ..."

"Bla Bla Bla... Cut to the chase will you... I need to find this guy right now. We can't wait till he snatches the next one. Where will he be right now?" said Thomas.

"Yeah. As per our calculations he should be surveying Staff Colony for his next target. On 2nd Sunday December he will plan to execute his job Sir."

"Staff Colony?" said Thomas surprised. "But Ravi, Staff Colony is where Inspector Doug is employed in a covert operation for the home robbery case isn't it?".

Ravi nodded. "Yeah, Doug is incognito there, working to find out details and whereabouts of Samuels and his co."

"Right then. Is Doug on the call now?" asked Thomas.

"No Sir. But I had apprised him that he may be asked to join. I'll call him right up and connect to us" said Ravi.

Doug joined the others through the IP conference call. "Hello all. Hello Thomas and Ravi."

"Doug we have some interesting findings in the bike thievery case. Thomas would like to speak to you on it" said Ravi.


Thomas pitched in with supremacy. "Doug. Mr. Harish says the suspect of the bike theft will be in Staff Colony this month and looking for his next target. I want you to stop working on the home robbery case and start working on this bike case for now. We have an identity of the suspect which Harish will send it over to you with other details soon. I want you to monitor and survey the area and rat this guy out of his hole before he makes his next move. Am I clear?"

Doug was furious. Samuels was anathema to him. He had taken on his own to go on a covert operation, expending his own pecuniary, coaxing Thomas to sanction the operation in order to pursue Samuels. So, he did not like how things were turning out. But he can't go against his superior's orders. "Alright Si... ill... nnect with Haris... " Doug voice was breaking apart.

"Doug? you there? we are not able to hear you properly" said Thomas baffled.

"Networ... me get ou... ome... I audibl..." the voice was fluctuating still unclear.

"Ravi? What's happening?" asked Thomas looking at Ravi.

"Hello? Am I audible now?" sounded the IP phone in Doug's voice clearly before Ravi could respond to Thomas. "Yeah Doug. So are you clear on the instructions given to you?" asked Ravi.

"Yes Sir. There was a network problem and I had come out of the home. I am clear. Will connect with Mr. Harish for additional details and start straight away" said Doug.

"Alright then! Mr. Harish connect with Doug and brief him about all your investigation details" said Thomas and ended the meeting. Thomas was infuriated. First it was the home robberies and now the bike thieveries. Ever since he was appointed as the Director General of Police of Ben Galore City, things have been malicious. Crime rate had gone up. It was his third year and clearly, he had to make quick actions to solve the cases.

Harish got connected to Douglas and quickly explicated all the investigation details to him. They had agreed to first list out any suspicious looking person and all the new comers to Staff Colony in the past one week; to check all the paying guests, rental properties, etc. The brainstorming session resulted in coming up with the name of real estate magnate Teja's name in the discussion. They decided to seek Teja's support in this case for he was a friend of the DGP and was well familiar with the area.

[To be continued]

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