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Novella #2: 2100

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


Read from First Chapter here.

Previously on 2100: Rod had come from work and was watching the News.

Year: 2100

10th Wednesday February, 5:10 p.m.

The News program continued in the TeleFrame as Rod was watching the special coverage with rapt attention.

"...what the consequences would be to humanity if it was allowed to use widespread. Well, now there is a special program about the Elysian Tab exclusively designed by OneNation for our viewers and Mr. Roney will present it to you now. Over to you Mr. Roney."

Mr. Roney now appeared on the screen in an electronic suit with an ethereal background. Rod's home environment now changed adapting to the special effects employed in the program; lights were dimmed, surround sound suddenly grew intense with rumbling noise transforming the home interior into a surreal experience. TFX, Tangible Effects as they were called, was another impressive feature that came along with the TFs. They took the experience of watching TeleFrames into a whole new level by metamorphosing the home environment into a realistic world in accordance to the conditions employed by the particular TF channels.

"Hi there! You are watching OneNation in your Dreamssssssss. I am your Inner Self in the form of Anchor Roneyyyyy!" spoke Roney in a melodramatic voice.

"I was just kidding. Welcome to the Special Program on Elysian Tab device. The device is just a few weeks away from it's release and there has been a lot of controversies and debates around the world on the credibility of this device. So what is Elysian Tab? How do you use it? What will be the implications of using this device? Well, let's get started right away..."

The channel now started showing pictures and videos from the ancient history of humans with Roney's voice over. Rod gestured his hands to increase volume.

"Right from the time when Home Sapiens had been foragers and hunter-gatherers, we've had Dreams. Dreams were considered as a vision sent to us by Gods in the ancient times. This perception completely changed towards the end of 19the century and the beginning of 20th century. Many world renowned psychiatrists namely Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung had decrypted the functioning and working of Dreams and paved way for the interpretation of Dreams. Well, to put it in a nutshell, Dreams are simply the manifestation of an idea OR an insignificant thought OR a scene OR anything that has caught the sight of our unconscious mind, and is put together in the most incoherent way by our psyche which is referred as the Inner Self by Dr. Jung. Now not just that, Dr. Jung had even stressed that our Inner Self consistently communicates with us through Dreams. They have the tendency to portend events from the future and even recollect incidents from the past that could be many thousands years old. So crazy ah ! So, this change in perception about the Dreams experienced by Humans in the 20th century paved way for significant research and development in the field of Psychoanalysis and Dream Interpretations. Over 100 years, scientists and doctors across the world had realized the full potential of Dreams. And now in 2100, Dr. Richard Wilson who is a pioneer and an expert in the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Dream Analysis, along with his adroit team of scientists and psychiatrists has developed the Elysian Tab, which they hail as the Dream Decoder.

So, what does this Elysian Tab device do? During the press meet that was held last week, Dr. Richard's team explained that Elysian Tab helps the user to decode and interpret one's dream. And not only that, the Elysian Tab has the provision to configure and inculcate both external Stimuli from the surrounding and internal stimuli within our body, enabling the user to manipulate and influence one's own dreams. Imagine yourself designing your own dream before going to sleep. How's that for a Self-made Person?" Roney chuckled and continued.

"Requested to reveal some specifics about the device, the team denied to divulge any further details and mentioned that the beta testing has just begun and all the questions about the device will be answered in Horado's key note event which is scheduled to be held next month. So, the manipulation part is the one which has sparked the debates and questions about the implications of using this ...."

Rod gave a sardonic smile at the mention of Horado. Horado Technologies, the infamous company in which Rod was working was the one that had funded Dr. Richard Wilson's Elysian Tab project two years before.

[To be continued]

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