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Novella #2: 2100

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


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Previously on 2100: Rod was watching the exclusive cover story about the Elysian Tab device in OneNation News channel.

Year: 2100

27th Saturday March, 9:10 p.m.

Horado Technologies was an eccentric high tech futuristic company renowned for inventing and commercializing new age artificial intelligence. Horado's products were popular all over the world. In fact it would be fitting to say that every human on the planet had possession of one or the other product Horado had invented. The company had become the quintessential of invention and marketing.

They had invented many products distinctive to every domain available; Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Education, Energy, Manufacturing, Media and so on. One of Horado's eminent devices was the infamous H-bots. Abbreviated as Humanoid Bots, they were monumental in the history of artificial intelligence. Endowed with intelligence along with consciousness, they were treated as a separate class of Humans, sometimes nicknamed as Super Humans.

Unlike their antecedent robots in the early twenty first century, which were used only to carry out laborious tasks efficiently, the Humanoid Bots were phenomenal in matching and surpassing the abilities of humans; decision making, mass management, etc. Thus allowing them to be dispersed and taking over jobs alongside the humans. Horado took things to further level by appointing one such H-bot named Kirk as one of the members of it's Board of Directors committee. And it was Kirk's decision that had influenced the team to fund for Dr. Richard Wilson's Elysian Tab device and commercialize it on a large scale. Kirk foretold that this device will be immensely beneficial to the company's revenue and pathbreaking in understanding humanity's distinguishing quality from the artificial intelligence.

The Elysian Tab finally arrived in market in the month of March. The response was astounding and revolutionary. The device was simply majestic. It had a tab sized panel made of complete glass and came with an accoutrement SynTape; a square shaped minute synthetic tape made of Silicone. The device was capable of scanning the brain of the user in order to study and examine the individual's thought-nature. The set-up process involved answering a psychological questionnaire followed by configurations which the user intends to be incorporated into his or her dreams. The SynTape had to be stuck in the temple next to the eye before the user goes to sleep. And once the user goes to sleep, BOOM! The door opens to your dream world. The user can play, dance, party, and virtually do anything he or she wishes albeit still in the naturally occurring dream. The fascinating aspect of the Elysian Tab was that it reproduced the user's dream once they woke up along with interpreting the ideas conveyed, deciphering the symbols employed and revealing what the dream meant with a consolidation report. People not only bought these devices with craze but fell in love with them. The lucid dreaming feature which enabled the users to make the individual aware that they are dreaming while in the dream was an instrumental hit among the mass.

Although an employee of Horado, Rod found it difficult to get an Elysian Tab for himself. It took him a week to get hands on it. Finally he had received the device in the evening by a DroneDrop delivery. After gauging through the manuals and watching several videos on the set-up process, he took the device to his bedroom and switched on the device. The device instantly switched on and energized by sucking in electrical impulses from the ePad which was attached to the wall nearby. The virtual assistant kicked in and sounded in a genial way:

"Hello User. Good Evening! My name is Anima. I see your Home assistant Teddy is in charge of this domicile. Could you please grant permission to access basic information about you and the residence from Teddy?"

"Yes" said Rod.

"Access successful. Hello Rod. Thank you for purchasing Elysian Tab. Horado Technologies sends its warm regards. Now if you may allow I would like to scan your brain to examine your thought-nature. You will need to attach the SynTape in the temple next to your eye."

Rod took the SynTape and stuck onto his right temple and replied "Proceed."

"Thank you. Brain Scan in progress..."

Anima completed the brain scan and popped up the extensive psychological questionnaire to which Rod replied diligently. Through the questionnaire Anima came to know that Rod was an introvert, giver, emotional, intuitive, and judgmental with it's respective percent. It was time for the configurations now.

[To be continued]

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