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Short Story #3: Overnight Celebrity


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Previously on Overnight Celebrity: Aron came back home after work and was shocked to find himself in the News channel.

Apparently, the mobile recordings of the Aron's heroic event in early morning was shared across Social Media and also with the voracious reporters who were looking for such quirky incidents. Call it luck or turn of events, the video went viral in all the platforms; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. By evening Aron was trending as "Mystery Man", "Real Action Hero", "Kung Fu Commoner" and with many more tags. He was a sensation in the following days. A popular channel got hold of his contact details and had persuaded him to the studio for an interview. Aron was seated in a cushion along with the anchor who was seated opposite to him and conducting the interview.

"So, Mr. Aron how did you build up the courage to encounter such a ferocious event at the middle of the road?' asked the anchor.

"Well, I thought the old man needed help and there wasn't anyone around who was willing to support... So, I thought why don't I lend a hand."

"Well, we saw the raw footage from the cell phone recordings of your brave act. You seem to know martial arts very well. Am I right Mr. Aron? I loved that swirling Kung Fu kick which you launched all of a sudden to dislodge the knife from the guy's hand. Could you please talk about that?"

"You are right about one thing. I do know martial arts. I train and teach regularly on a daily basis. But that particular kick isn't Kung Fu. It was Kalaripayattu, a martial art from the Indian subcontinent."

"Wow you are master then, Mr. Aron. It's very interesting. So, how many types of martial arts you know or do you practice?"

"I have learnt quite a lot. I started with the native ones like Adimuari, Musti Yuddha, after I came to the city I learnt Karate, Kung Fu, Shou Shu, you know and then I started blending them. But basically every art is meant for self-defence and that's what I believe. You either defend yourself or those who are in trouble, like that old man" said Aron chuckling.

The interview was telecasted as a live program and it was an instant hit. Just one day ago Aron was worriedly ruminating about how to pull in more students for his newly established martial arts class and now, he had become so famous that he started getting a surplus inflow of admissions. He had even changed the class name to "Mystery Man MMA Institution". He finished serving his notice period at work and dedicated himself completely to the institution, creating awareness about the art of self-defence to everyone. He finally happened to live his dream life and lived happily forever and ever.

[End of Story]


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