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Short Story #4: Origins

Updated: Apr 2


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

"We've reached our destination, Planet #3!"

"Perhaps, you would like to introduce the Planet to us Martin?"

"Ahh! Planet #3, about 388 million years old, orbits around the central star at a distance of 150 million kms. Surface cover: 82% water and 18% land. Enriched with diverse flora and fauna. This blue marble is sure a wonder out here in The White Galaxy."

"That's alright Martin. It sure is a wonder. Carry out the tests!"

"Alright Commander"

"Lisa, do you think the blue marble would sustain a civilization?"

"Not one but many"

"This is the seventh galaxy in our search to spread our images and pursue the experiments."

"Yes it is. And we will go on to search a million galaxies if needed. But I'm sure this blue marble is the chosen one"

"It will be pity if it is not"

"If the tests are positive, we would have to stay here for at least a millennia Lisa"

"Yes. They will need us. Our children need nurturance"

"And we must be surreptitious in our sojourn"

"I'm afraid others might find out dear"

"Things were gloomy back at Orion. It still is. The only wise thing to do was to get out and save ourselves. And we had to do that to create our future generations. Do not worry Lisa. Everything will be alright."

"Oh Jason. I wish I could have faith in your words."

"Alright! Let's plan the future for our kids. What would you like to do first? Extrapolate the existing life form, probably the ones which resemble our own images or would you like to create our children in our very own image?"

"Amusing question! What about..."

"Commander the geoscience results are available for Planet #3"

"Go on! Let the blue marble surprise me!"

"All test are positive Commander. But there is a critical quandary!"

"Oh Jason. I told you, this must be the one. It's the chosen one!"

"Hold on to your emotions Lisa. Let's hear what is this 'critical' quandary."

"There are deleterious and pernicious life forms that will cause absolute annihilation to our project."


[To be continued]

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