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Short Story #4: Origins

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"Yes, It seems primitive reptiles in this planet has evolved into larger lifeforms which would eventually wipe out any kind of primates. It is impossible for primates to coexist with these species."

"Are they that dangerous? Give me a live feed Martin"

"Live feed on the main screen Commander"

"Incredible! Out of nowhere we are run into a Blue Marble in the White Galaxy but only to find out that it is occupied by giant reptiles."

"They are widespread everywhere across the planet."

"Jason. What do we do now?"

"Lisa, we have come so far, we have examined seven planets all the while crossing far distance. Our propulsion system is exhausted. We can't travel far from here. We need to go ahead with our propagation in this planet. We have no other choice."

"Yes Jason. But that leaves us no choice but to extirpate these species. Is it worth Jason?"

"We have to. Primates and these species can never be reconcilable. We need to erase them from the planet. They should become a page in the history."

"Jason why don't we create our sons and daughters here. They will have the power to overwhelm these giant reptiles and coexist with them. Why do we have to create our images instead?"

"Should I remind you? Only few minutes back you were scared that others from Orion might find out what we may pursue and cause to perpetuate. If we create our sons and daughters here they will be easily identifiable across galaxies irrespective of the distance. We need to create our images here, so that they grow without our powers, completely pristine and independent. And only that way of sustenance will serve as a fortification for them. I hope you understand that we need to sacrifice something in the hard way to achieve greater good"

"It will be heartbreaking to destroy these creatures. But I don't see any other way. I will have to agree with you"

"Alright then. Martin, we have a task at hand now. To obliterate these giant reptiles completely from the face of this planet. I conceive that we will have to sacrifice other useful lifeforms too in the process and probably, we will lose 70--80% of species. Are there any workaround Martin? What are your suggestions?"

"I have thought of certain approaches Commander. But I feel the only choice we are left with is to cause a mass extinction which would surely impact other lives. We have no other workaround Sir."

"A mass extinction? Interesting. What is your proposal?"

"Now that we have decided this will be our planet to create our images we need to be frugal with our power supply. And I must remind you Commander that we have very limited supply of power left in the ship. I foresee that we will be needing the most of it to create a time warp to travel through time after authoring this mass extinction. So, with the remaining scant supply power, the only choice we have is to manoeuvre a colossal asteroid on to the surface of the plant. This will cause a radiant collision which will release an indispensable energy field that will wipe out lives on the planet."

"A mass extinction through an asteroid collision. Interesting indeed! Wonderful idea Martin. Go ahead with your plan."

[To be continued]

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