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Short Story #4: Origins

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"We have reached Commander. Year 447 million!"

"Very well. Begin scan for identifying potential species."

"Yes Commander. Scanning for primitive apes."

"Jason what if we do not find the potential candidates?"

"We will scan other planets, other solar systems and other galaxies. We will scan the whole universe till we die Lisa. But I am optimistic. This is our world. The world in which our children will flourish"

"Commander, the scan is complete. There are 237 exuberant ape species which could be potential candidates for evolving into mankind with our assistance."

"Alrighty then. I told you Lisa. Now let us discuss what needs to be done next?"

"Jason and Martin, we need to break up our ship crew members into many sub divisions and go settle down in the planet Blue Marble at different Developmental Camps. We need to tag each and every species, track them and insinuate into their livelihood."

"If I understand it right Commandress, that would involve changing their environment, inducing artificial difficulties and challenges to push them beyond their mundane lives and cause to adapt to the changes."

"You are right Martin. Most of the species would find it difficult to adapt and will cease to exist. But others will evolve over the centuries and possibly millennials. Those who survive will be our children."

"Lisa, the simulation conveys that it will take thousands of years for that."

"Yes Jason. But why? we have the capability and knowledge to live millions of years, especially on a virgin planet like this. That is not a problem. It will be an arduous work to manifest mankind which involves thousands and thousands of years. But in the end we will have communities living across this planet. We would have raised a civilization, the only left over from the Orions. "

"What if there is a conflict between two species of mankind?"

"Then the better ones will vanquish and we need to take their side. Survival of the fittest!"

"I must remind you that after a period of time we must be discreet in our assistance."

"I am aware of that. We will be aliens to them, or perhaps Gods to certain communities. But whatever dimension they perceive us, they will never know about our existence. It will take another 10 million years for them to understand their lineage."

"Indeed! But they will always be the Root and the offspring of Orions, the Brightest Morning star of all"

[End of Story]

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