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Short Story #3: Overnight Celebrity

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


"Heeeee... Haaaaaa... Heeeee... Haaaaaa..." the loud voices reverberated across the neighbourhood. Aron was tutoring his two students. They were at his terrace. It was early morning. The sun was not up yet, probably still sleeping from a hangover last night. The moon was high and ostentatiously glowing in thin crescent.

Aron was a software engineer working in a telecom company. He never really admired working as a software engineer. He had learnt martial arts from his village foreman Adit during his childhood. Adit was most the reputed and revered man in the village. He neither had any disciplines nor taught martial arts to anyone in the village. Through persistence Aron had convinced Adit to teach him martial arts. Over the next 10 years he had learned various arts that were unique to the subcontinent with diligence and utmost thoroughness; Kalaripayattu, Adimurai, Musti Yuddha and many others. And when he come to the city for his job, he took courses on Karate, Kung Fu, Shou Shu and mastered them with certifications. Now he didn't want to hide his talents behind. He wanted them to shine bright like a light house, with it's luminescence invading the dark sea and guiding everyone. He wanted to teach martial arts to everyone and make a living out of it. Also to get out of the industrial work life which was taking a toll on him.

So, he had resigned his job and was serving his notice period of three months. He had started the martial arts class when he had resigned and it was the third month but he had only two students. He did all he could to lure students and others to join his newly opened class; promoted online, distributed flyers and handbills to his neighborhood and other areas whenever he had a visit. Nothing worked out. He was regretting his decision. If this misfortune goes on, he would be a destitute in next two months and forced to look for a new job again.

"Not like that. Keep your body relaxed and tighten the closed fists. And stretch your elbow fully, straight, when you punch. Don't just shout for the sake, feel the punch you are giving out and shout. Alright?" instructed Aron to one of his student, Lance. Both of them had joined for Karate last week. And he was teaching them the basic punch Choku-Tsuki to them.

They trained for another half hour and when the sun came up Aron dispersed them.

"Alright, that's it for today. Remember the techniques and practice in the evening if you have time. We will meet tomorrow. And please spread the word to your friends and let me know if anyone is interested to join my class. okay?"

"Okay Sir," replied both the students and tread towards the staircase.

Aron came back to his home in the second floor of the building. The walls in the living room were embellished with myriad of posters; Warriors depicting different marital art postures. At the central wall where the TV unit had been mounted, a poster of Bruce Lee was stuck just above the television. Below Bruce Lee there was a statement written; As you think so shall you become. Aron went to his study table and checked his mobile. He was expecting some news or other, wishing for a new admittance to his class. But as usual there were no new messages, mails, or calls.

He went to take bath. When he was in the showers, oblivious to him, his mobile chimed; new mail notification. In the lock screen, the mail subject read: Your life is going to change today!

[To be continued]


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