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Short Story#5: BAEL, The Demon That Came Home

Updated: Sep 14, 2022


The Demon That Came Home

Roddie was a YouTuber, in his teenage. He had long hair and dark black eyes. His YouTube channel name was “Experiments With Evil”, using which he was broadcasting video logs on his dangerous adventures, venturing into haunted places at late night. Recently, he had come across an enigmatic book named “THE LESSER KEY OF SOLOMON”, a textbook on demonology. This book contained the list of demons, seventy two in number, description about each demon and most importantly, the book also contained information about the spells and rites required to summon each of these demons. Ever since Roddie acquired this book, he wanted to experiment with the rites, trying to summon at least one of the devils. He was more interested in recording the possible gruesome event and broadcast it in his channel to acquire more subscribers. But poor Roddie never knew what the consequences were going to be…

Roddie carefully perused through the book and learned about all devils one by one. He was captivated by a particular demon named BAEL, a hoarsely-voiced king with the power to make men invisible and ruling over sixty-six legions of demons. The demon Bael usually appears in the form of a cat, toad, man, some combination thereof, or other "divers shapes”. There were claims that demon Bael not only had powers of invisibility but also sciences and love. Roddie decided that Bael was his choice to experiment and learned more about the rites that are required to call upon the demon from the book.

On a gloomy day, Roddie stared making video recordings using his mobile. Initially, he explained about the book and on what he was going to do with the book - perform a rite to invoke the demon Bael. It was pitch dark in the living room. Roddie had switched off all the lights leaving only the night lamp on, which was radiating a dim radiance across the room.

He then drew the symbol required to summon Bael on the floor of the living room - outlines of three empty eyes overlapping each other inside a circle. He then kept lamps at each corner of the eyes.

With the video recording in progress, he started uttering the demonic verses from the book to summon the demon Bael. After he finished reading the phrases from the book, he quietly turned around and checked his living room. There was pin drop silence. Realizing the failure of the experiment, he then turned his gaze towards the camera and started speaking about the sheer pretence of the book which claims it contains spells to summon demons. Suddenly, there was a meow sound, piercing through the silence. It was coming from the left side of the living room. Roddie froze in terror. He was holding the mobile with his right hand. He slowly turned toward his left side. Just then, something had appeared all of a sudden in the right side, oblivious to Roddie but blatantly visible in the recording, and pulled Roddie’s right hand. He dropped the camera in shock and was terrified. He was now hearing his own breath and totally petrified. He slowly crawled and picked up his mobile. It was still recording. He adjusted the camera and spoke in a shaky voice about what just happened. He then turned the camera toward the symbol on the floor and to his much horror, witnessed a horrifying face that was covered with long hair. He jumped off vigorously in shock and within a fraction of second the figure vanished. Roddie was totally shaken and almost in tears. He sped fast towards the door and tried to open but it was locked. He was not able to open it. He remembered that he kept the keys in living room and with much reluctance went back to pick up the keys. He saw the keys near the couch and slowly moved towards the couch. The couch was empty. He bent down to pick up the keys and when he got up, the demonic figure appeared again - a ghastly face covered completely with hair, a loud terrifying noise of cat meowing, and an unbearable kitten smell. Roddie froze to his death at the instant.

Two Days Later…

Madison, another YouTuber, who used to be a follower of Roddie’s channel was at the entrance to the Roddie’s house. He had his own channel “Melange with Maddie”, and he used his channel to explore haunted places just like Roddie used to do. Now that Roddie was claimed to be dead by the media, Madison decided to check out Roddie’s place.

Madison switched on the recording in his mobile and started the vlog. He explained he was going to explore Roddie’s home and find out whether Roddie was actually dead as media claimed or still roaming inside the home. He also talked about the experimental ritual that Roddie conducted before his death. He then entered the home and slowly walked into the living room. He saw the demonic symbols on the floor. The he turned around and saw the couch. It was empty. He looked at the camera and began to blabber something when all of a sudden there appeared two figures in the couch - one was the demon Bael, and the other one was also looking similar to Bael. It was Roddie!

Roddie was not dead! He was Alive! He did not just summon the demon Bael, he became a demon himself because of the ritual he had performed. He was now one of the legions of Demon King Bael, and thus acquiring his power of invisibility. Roddie was now a demon with the power of invisibility.

To Be Continued…

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