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Short Story #7: King Paimon


An Ardent Demonologist

Professor Samuel was an ardent demonologist. He was in his late forties, wearing eye glasses, dressed modestly, and was always seen with books in his hands. He was phlegmatic, and unflappable. He had spent 26 years researching demonology and had even written books on various demons. Recently, he has been researching the demon King Paimon.

Professor Samuel was also a paranormal investigator and he was quite adept in handling uncanny investigations. He was a Sangfroid when it came to handling haunted episodes. Over the last few years, he had become a popular demonologist due to a few peculiar and mysterious cases he had handled which attracted fame and media coverage.


A Loyal Protegee

Patrick Gibson was an arts student and he was a protegee of Professor Samuel. He was in his late twenties, wearing eye glasses and had long hair. He was ebullient and unbridled, always excited to discuss demons and devils. He was doing a thesis on demonology and also assisting the Professor’s research on King Paimon.

Patrik never misses out the adventures of paranormal investigation with the Professor. Initially hesitant, the Professor eventually agreed to recruit him for he needed extensive support during every investigation he partook.


The Story of King Paimon

Paimon or Paymon is one of the Kings of Hell, more obedient to Lucifer than other kings are, and has two hundred legions of demons under his rule. Paimon is depicted as a man with an effeminate face, wearing a precious crown, and riding a dromedary (Camel). Before him, often goes a host of demons with the shape of men, playing trumpets, cymbals, and any other sort of musical instruments.

Paimon teaches all arts, philosophy and sciences, and secret things; he can reveal all mysteries of the Earth, wind and water, what the mind is, and everything the conjurer wants to know, gives good familiars, dignities and confirms them, binds men to the conjurer's will.

King Paimon can be conjured by a satanic spell which is included in the book : “The Lesser Key of Solomon. He has a great voice and roars as soon as he comes, speaking in this manner for a while, until the conjurer compels him and then he answers clearly the questions he is asked. When the conjurer invokes this demon King Paimon he must look towards the northwest, for there is where he has his house, and when Paimon appears he must be allowed to ask what he wishes and be answered, in order to obtain the same from him.


An Investigation in an eerie Forest Road

Professor Samuel and Patrik lived in the city of Shawnee. There was an old mud road that went straight through the forests of Hemlock connecting the cities of Shawnee and Corning. It was deprecated and no one used it anymore. But there is also another reason why folks never took this route. It was creepy and believed to be haunted. Many petrifying stories and rumors eventually grew stronger and stronger until it became a myth.

Dr. Dalton Lambert was an archeology professor turned enthusiastic demonologist. Teaching archeology for more than fifteen years, after meeting and securing an acquaintance of Professor Samuel, he turned into a demonologist by volition. He was stern faced, aged in mid-thirties, and wearing eyeglasses. He had long hair and always tied his hair into a bun. Recently, he had been investigating the old mud road through the Hemlock forests. And something that he witnessed one day, intrigued him and he immediately called upon the Professor and his protegee.

Professor Samuel already knew about the haunted stories of Hemlock Forests but since he was specifically doing research on Demon King Paimon, he was not interested much. He even stopped his paranormal investigations gradually and completely dedicated himself to the research. Now when he got the call from Dr. Dalton, he was astonished and highly interested to investigate this episode because what Dr. Dalton told him was -

There was a sighting of a man riding a camel. And he was seen wearing a crown, clothed as a King!

This was incredible and inconceivable to the Professor. And he immediately set upon an investigation along with Patrick and the Doctor. When they reached the place where the sightings were reported, nothing seemed strange. The forest was eerie and uncanny. After wandering and sleuthing for a while with no luck, suddenly Patrick discovered a few footmarks of what was supposedly a Camel. They couldn’t believe their own eyes. Then they started to hear marching sounds of footsteps. After a while weird sounds of musical instruments, especially trumpet and cymbals were heard intermittently.

All of a sudden, Patrick fell silent and Dr. Dalton sighted something and shouted. When the Professor turned to look around, he could notice nothing and when both the Professor and Doctor turned back, Patrick was disoriented - His head was tilted sideways and seemed fixed to his right shoulder, his eyes and mouth were wide open unnaturally, and he was wailing in high pitch which was deafening. The Professor immediately went near Patrick and shook him hard but it didn't bother him a bit. Patrick was screaming curses in what seemed to be Latin or some ancient language. The Professor then instructed Dr. Dalton that they needed to get Patrick home as soon as possible because he was possibly possessed by some spirit.


The Demon is brought Home

Upon arriving at home, the Professor and the Doctor, set Patrick on the bed and tied both his hands to the cot for he was aggressive and cursing at both of them with a high pitched garbled voice.

Doctor Dalton opined that the spirit that could be possessing Patrick may be the Demon King Paimon. And he asked the Professor whether it could be confirmed in any way. The Professor, having researched about the demon King Paimon already, was confident that he could identify the demon if it was the one possessing Patrick. He gets his research books and starts asking few questions -

Are you a loyal warrior of Lucifer?

After a few rebellious growls, the demon begins to answer the questions of the Professor.


Are you the ruler of two hundred legions of demons?


Do you possess an effeminate face?


Do you ride a dromedary?


King Paimon, are you the one possessing the vessel of Patrick?


Suddenly, Professor Samuel looks puzzled. He says that any demon cannot be invoked onto the worldly earth dimensions without a conjurer. Both the Professor and the Doctor were baffled. Professor Samule could not believe the fact that the Demon King Paimon possessed a human. Doctor Dalton seemed to be ruminating about something and was looking at both Patrick and the Professor.

The Professor finally decided to ask a question that would instigate the demon -

Demon King Paimo, who conjured you?

The demon, in the body of Patrick, is infuriated and lets out a sharp snarl. Patrick then jumps onto the Professor and strikes him with his hand, killing him instantly. The demon then gets up and turns towards the Doctor.

Doctor Dalton, obligingly and obediently gets to the ground and bows down in front of the demon, chanting Latin phrases loudly. He smiles maliciously…

~ Few Days Back ~

Doctor Dalton is seen conducting a ritual in the middle of Hemlock forests. There are satanic drawings on the ground and candles surrounding it. It all looked like the Doctor was conjuring a Demon. There was an inscription written in mud below the satanic drawings. And it read: KING PAIMON


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