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Short Story #8: Baby Blue


Chocolate, A Neologism in Drugs

They were given a new term, “Chocolate”, which was obviously not entirely and literally new. It was a novel inclusion to the jargon of organized crime in the underworld drugs industry. “Chocolate” was completely a new designer drug, serving a never-before experienced hallucination when imbibed, elevating the individuals to the levels of astronauts in space and giving the illusion of holding the power of Gods.

No one knew who invented Chocolate but it instantly became popular. The only source of ingredients to manufacture Chocolate was from the countryside of Boligin in South America. One kilogram of Chocolate was several thousand dollars worth. And so, there were several factions competing to get hold of sole ownership of the acquisition and distributions of “Chocolate”. But only “Sugar Babies”, an international lethal and terrorizing drug mafia, ruling the underworld for decades, was able to conquer the new world of Chocolate.

With the assistance of several nations all over the world, Interpol was at their feet trying to chase down and tame the Sugar Babies gang and Chocolate drug. Despite diligent and industrious efforts by the international law enforcements, Sugar Babies gang prevailed successfully and distributed Chocolate all over the world.


INTERPOL, The Daddy for the Sugar Babies

INTERPOL, the international law enforcement organization, was behind the Sugar Babies for years now and they haven’t been very successful at their endeavor. They pulled every trick out of their hats and yet each and every move was only in vain. Finally, they came up with a reasonable plan and decided to instill trained agents and ex-convicts into the Sugar Babies gang. They were successful and had several men implanted inside Sugar Babies within a course of a few months as the criminal gang were trying to expand their territories all over the world.

Dr. Goobers was one such convict who agreed to work for the INTERPOL since he had an extensive criminal record behind him and would not leave any clue for the gang to figure out. This brilliant masterstroke helped them learn about various surreptitious activities that the gang was carrying out on a diurnal basis. But even with this instrumental maneuver they were not able to pin down Lady Candy and her primary associates. They remained an annoying mystery to the INTERPOL.


Lady Candy, the Clandestine Comely Cougar

Lady Candy, an amusing but enigmatic name, was the eponym of the ferocious drug Lord of Sugar Babies. Her name must not be uttered unless it is absolutely necessary. She was ruthless, malevolent, and the most mysterious woman who single-handedly took Sugar Babies into the big leagues in the drug world and raised them to the top ranks, a most feared one. She rarely appeared anywhere and controlled every activity by being in the dark. Only a handful of the men in the gang received direct orders from her directly. When there is even a slight trace of distrust or betrayal detected, brutal murders would follow immediately. By remaining furtive and prodigious, Lady Candy ruled not only her own gang but the whole drug underworld.

Now, Lady Candy wanted to set upon her foremost associates Henry and Kit Kat on a critical assignment. Sugar Babies Chocolate supplies were drying out and they needed to figure out why!


Henry & Kit Kat, the Buddy Criminals

Kit Kat and Henry. They were partners in crimes, the left and right limbs of Lady Candy, the mafia lord of Sugar Babies, whose name must be uttered only when it is absolutely necessary.

Kit Kat was black, quite eccentric in nature and loquacious. He always sports a denim jacket, sun glasses and a golf cap. He was new, hardly six months in the gang and was quite rapidly scaling up the hierarchy.

Henry, or rather originally ordained as “Oh Henry”, was white, in his mid-thirties, stern looking and sporting a leather jacket. He had twenty years behind him as criminal mastermind and was the most loyal member of Sugar Babies. Lady Candy entrusted him with all major day-to-day activities of the gang.

Henry and Kit Kat were about to be given a new assignment from Lady Candy.


Candy Meets The Bars

Lady Candy had ordered Henry and Kit Kat to be present in a discreet venue. So, Henry and Kit Kat arrived at the spot earlier and were waiting for Lady Candy. A black sedan slowly moved in and stopped. The driver got out of the car and sped around to open Lady Candy’s door. Lady Candy stepped out. She was stunning and gorgeous. Kit Kat fell in love with Lady Candy at first sight. But he didn’t betray his feelings much because Lady Candy was her boss. Lady Candy sensed Kit Kat’s gaze secretively and came near the associates.

Lady Candy was succinct in her speech. She revealed that INTERPOL had infused a rat into Sugar Babies and that the rat was most likely Dr. Goobers. Dr. Goobers had stopped communications with Lady Candy for a couple of days now and the Chocolate supply was running out. Lady Candy wanted her associates to confront Dr. Goobers and take control of the situation.

Before she left, Lady Candy looked at Kit Kat amusingly. She told him that she had a dance lesson later in the evening and wanted Kit Kat to be her caretaker. Kit Kat instantly obliged and couldn’t help but grin proudly.


Dr. Goobers and his ‘Baby Blue’

Dr. Goobers, a chemist and pharmacist, was the primary consultant and worker, hired by the Sugar Babies gang to manufacture ‘Chocolate’ from the raw ingredients acquired from Boligin. He was posing as a cunning man, an opportunist always vying for profitable ventures. The Sugar Babies paid a hefty sum in retaining him for the manufacturing of Chocolate. But for the last few weeks he was behaving weirdly as directed by the INTERPOL. The delivery was being delayed for absurd reasons and communication with him was cut off abruptly a few days ago.

Recently, he was trying to crack the formula for “Baby Blue”, the mythological meth that was invented by Walter White, The Heisenberg. Baby Blue was a highly powerful drug when compared to it’s predecessor, the Chocolate. Due to it’s high effectiveness and legendary reputation, the drug was worth billions of dollars in the black market and dark net. With Baby Blue, Dr. Goobers was looking for a way out of the Sugar Babies gang, and tried to sell Baby Blue to multiple distributors.

That’s why he’s been off the grid with the Sugar Babies for quite a while.


A Dance With the Tigress

Kit Kat arrived at Lady Candy’s place and they both got into the car. Kit Kat took her to the dance venue. Lady Candy invited Kit Kat to come along for the practice. Initially, Kit Kat was polite and hesitant, but after coming to know that Lady Candy would only be dancing alone, he decided to join her. They both entered the dance space and had fun dancing together.

All of a sudden, Kit Kat received a call from Henry. Henry had caught hold of Dr. Goobers, and wanted both Kit Kat and Lady Candy to come at once. Kit Kat conveyed this to Lady Candy but before Lady Candy could talk to Henry, the call ended. After careful rumination, Lady Candy decided to leave for the spot mentioned by Henry with Kit Kat.

When they were in transit, Lady Candy received a call. Kit Kat looked at the front mirror, seeing Lady Candy confused and attending the call. A few seconds after listening to the receiver on the call, Lady Candy’s facial expression changed drastically. She ended the call and she seemed to be relaxed now.


Death By Chocolate

Henry had come to know the hiding place of Dr. Goobers and barged in much to Dr. Goobers dismay. Henry pulled out the gun and had Dr. Goobers raise his hands. Dr. Goobers pleaded for Henry to be patient and listen to him. Dr. Goobers told him about the discovery of Baby Blue and that he was trying to get outta the Sugar Babies gang. He swore that he was not working for INTERPOL and he was not the rat. Henry was not baffled and called Kit Kat.

Kit Kat and Lady Candy arrived at the scene. Henry explained everything to Lady Candy. Dr. Goobers was pleading and begging for mercy. He said that he was not the rat and he only wanted more money and tried to sell Baby Blue to other gangs. He further swore that he will be loyal to Sugar Babies and manufacture Baby Blue for them.

Lady Candy raised the gun toward Dr. Goobers. She slowly uttered “I know you’re NOT the rat”. This statement left everyone puzzled. Henry questioned who else the rat could be. And immediately, Lady Candy turned towards Henry and pointed the Gun saying “You’re the rat!”.

Henry and Kit Kat were shocked. Henry outrightly denied the claim and was distraught. He began to mumble something and before Lady Candy pulled the trigger, Henry attacked Lady Candy. The gun Lady Candy was holding was tossed away. In the meantime, Dr. Goobers tried to run away but was stopped by Kit Kat and grounded to the floor by his fatal punches. Henry had caught hold of Lady Candy and clasped her tightly, making her immobile. He was trying to explain that he was not the rat and there’s something wrong with the information that she had received. Lady Candy was furious and ordered Kit Kat to shoot Henry dead. Kit Kat havered indecisively but after a loud yell from Lady Candy, he shot Henry dead.

There was dead silence in the room. Kit Kat was speechless and Lady Candy was gasping for breath. Kit Kat asked Lady Candy what to do with Dr. Goobers to which she replied that she wanted him to be dead as well for being disloyal. She left the place after she ordered Kit Kat to secure Baby Blue and it’s formula before he killed Dr. Goobers.

Once Lady Candy left, Kit Kat lifted Dr. Goobers. He asked the Doctor to leave for the safehouse and never return. Then, he sent a text message to “IP MAN” :

“She took the bait. H is erased.

Moving higher and nearer to Lady Candy.

Sending DG to the safehouse.”

Kit Kat grinned cunningly.


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