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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


The wind slowly soothed his metal skin. He didn’t give a damn. He had taken bath just now. And he shined like pure aluminium. His immobile eye was staring at the street, like a vigilante. His owner’s instinctive nature had imbibed into him ever since he was purchased from the store, a week back. He stood tall, heavy and proud, for he was, the Royal Enfield Classic, TRIPLE O SEVEN (0007) , ostentatiously written in his number plates. 

...Racing music playing in the background.

Yamaha ... Revs your Heart ...

Breaking News !!! 

Welcome Back Viewers! You are watching Gear News-channel and this is, What’s happening @ 11. We have been reporting news about bike thefts across the city over a past few months. This is a ...

MIKE, had just moved into his new home. And the first thing he did as soon as he woke up, washed his bike. His stellar stallion, the Royal Enfield Classic. He had just purchased the bike, a week back. His promotion at his work, had given him the opulence to realize his long lasting dream. His promotion cost him a transfer which he had welcomed with a generous heart, albeit he had to go through the pain of shifting things and stuff. Last night he had installed the television. And he had switched it on when he came out to clean his bike. The television was touting what the News channel had to say...   

“... Well,  what seemed to be a random coincidence with one or two thievery reported at different places, turned out to be an organized crime, repeating every five weeks. There wasn’t a clue whether it was a single miscreant or group of outlaws. And just when the police had been foraging the mastermind behind these thefts, we have received yet another disturbing news that there has been another theft. A new KTM Superduke, just three weeks from the purchase, has been stolen at York Avenue. It has been reported missing since last night. We have more news coming in but before that, let us have a short commercial break!

Bucolic music playing in the background...

Heidi Dairy! Smooth... Delicious... and Delightful Milkshakes...

Mike was done with bike wash and just came in. The milkshake advertisement was playing in the television. He ignored and went to the kitchen. He started to unpack stuff and arrange. Nothing seemed to distract him when it came to keeping things regimented. And the television continued touting. The news anchor was back. 

We have our reporter joining from the scene of action. He has the owner of the bike for a short interview. Let’s see what he has to say.

The owner of the bike bellowed in television. 

Yeah mate .. I had just bought the bike mate, just three weeks old mate. I went for a ride and parked in safely inside my garage yesterday night mate. And morning when I wake up and see, the garage is wide open mate and my bike is missing mate. I have no idea mate. I'm furious mate... 

Mike was still oblivious to the news being reported on television. He was meticulously arranging things at his kitchen. The anchor now broke in with a flash news. 

Alright. We have a breaking news. This is very promising. The police seems to have identified the suspect behind the bike thieveries. Looks like, in his last night’s theft, he was caught on CCTV camera which was installed on a nearby apartment. And the police has now released the suspect’s picture. The picture seems to be obscure, still it portrays the criminal in a recognizable manner. Let’s have it on screen. Let’s look at the picture viewers. This is the suspect, whom, the police have now identified as the mastermind behind the theft. Apparently, it was just a single person who had been involved in the organized thievery. We will have to wait for further confirmation from the police. And in meantime... 

There was a power shut down in the area. Realizing it, Mike opened the windows to let in more natural light. Outside the home, across the street, someone was standing furtive. He was staring at a bike. It seemed to be new. And judging by the stuff outside the home, he deduced that, either someone had moved in or was moving out. He couldn’t be sure because he was new to this place as well. He decided to survey the home, and its occupants, for few hours or a few days, depending on how the events roll out. His gaze was fixed at the bike, TRIPLE O SEVEN (0007), a Royal Enfield Classic. He had never tried his luck on such a showy bike before. He waited...

[To be continued]

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