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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: James was thinking about his past while scrutinizing Mike's bike and his home. 

4th Monday November, 11:47 a.m. 

Mike had finished arranging things at the kitchen and wanted to have a break. He locked the front door and came to the frontage. The bike was dry now and shining. He moved it inside the driveway of the building and parked it. He now popped out of the driveway, for a short walk to explore the area. Noticing the tea stall towards the end of the street, he started walking towards it. 


...This is the suspect whom now police have identified as the mastermind behind the theft. Apparently, it was just a single person who had been involved in the organized thievery. We will have to wait for further confirmation from the police.  And in meantime we are connecting with a retired Sergeant, Mr. Thomas, uh... to get an outlook, on where the situation stands right now. Mr. Thomas, what do you think about the turn of events today? We’ve been successful in acquiring a picture of the thief who has probably been, uh... the main suspect in the ongoing bike thieveries that’s happening in  the city. 

The baker of the tea stall, now tuned into the News channel. Mr. Thomas was responding to the anchor in television, 

Well, it is a very good progress now for the police. All these months we were puzzled, and flummoxed, about what’s this new mischief that’s happening  around, you know, haunting the bike owners in our city...

James gasped. He turned towards the tea stall. His picture was in the television. This was unexpected. And it sent shivers down his spinal cord. He trembled and a perplexed thought ran over his mind on how did he miss the CCTV camera. He virtually knew the blueprint of the whole area still. He was meticulous and this oblivious mistake made him furious. Nevertheless, his mitigation plans had made sure that he need not abscond if such events took place. Every time after he sells a stolen bike, he shaved his beard and moustache. So, he looked a little different from the picture shown in television but most importantly, not immediately recognizable. The formula completely changes now, he thought. He can’t involve directly in bike theft or any burglary. It would make him vulnerable and raise the risk of his exposure. However, he can't let go this newly discovered Royal Enfield bike. It would be lucrative for him. Just when he was ruminating about how to handle the newly developed situation, he saw the owner of the bike coming out of his house, parking his bike inside and heading towards the tea stall.

Mike came near the tea stall. The baker was watching the News with rapt attention, not conscious of Mike. Then Mike noticed James, who was looking at him. He went near him to inquire something. 

[To be continued]

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