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Book Review #23: Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology

A Concise Guide to Ancient Gods, Heroes, Beliefs and Myths

Pages: 48

One word review: Succinct!

Did you know?

We are inherently interlinked with Greek mythology by one way or other even in the 21st century. Wondering how? What's your Zodiac sign? Do you shop at Did Trojan virus attack your PC?

Greek Mythology, A Concise Guide to Ancient Gods, Heroes, Beliefs and Myths is a brief and terse book on Greek Gods and events. I found it in my friends list and ordered this book since I have a fervent interest in reading about ancient myths. The book is just over 40 pages in length and provides a succinct introduction and exposition to majority of the Greek Gods and Heroes.

Interesting lines from the Book

There was no one sacred text to follow and no formal religious or social structure - each little settlement or village had their own favorite gods, and sometimes there were conflicting interpretations of popular myths.

In Introduction and Chapter one we are exposed to the world of Greece and are briefed how the mythology developed into a significant influencing culture even in the modern days. Chapter two, three, and four explains how Greek mythology came into picture and notes down it's traditional stories. Further Chapters inform about the different gods of Greek, their lineage, the dramatic and uncanny stories associated with them.

What is certain though is that Ancient Greece is regarded as the cradle of mankind in terms of art, culture and democracy.

Information about the Trojan war, the influence of Greek myth in historical written texts and theatrical drama, and an account each of two mortal heroes are also listed in the book which was fascinating to read. Especially the stories of Theseus and Jason, the mortal heroes were intriguing to read. I wish I could see those stories as a movie.

Verdict: Looking for an informative book to read during a bus ride, then pack this in your bag!

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