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Book Review #29: The Caves Of Steel

Isaac Asimov

The Caves Of Steel

Publisher: HarperVoyager

Pages: 256

One word review: Meticulous!

Did you know?

Isaac Asimov has written over 500 books and is considered to be one of the best sci-fi writers along side Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein.

The Caves Of Steel is a science fiction novel narrating an impeccable detective story. This is the first book in the Robot Series* (see below) which consists of four books in total. And this is the first work of Isaac Asimov that I have read. The story is set in a distant futuristic world but certain elements will give you a hint of the epoch of when it was actually written.

Impressive Lines from Book:

My briefing on human characteristics here among the people of Earth includes the information that, unlike the men of the Outer Worlds, they are trained from birth to accept authority.

The outline of the story is extra-ordinary and simply gives you goosebumps just thinking about it. The action is set to motion in the very first chapter and moves forward with immaculate exposition about the world in which the story originates.

Well written stories always have a twist or curious element at the very end of every chapter which makes the readers inquisitive and turn over the page to continue reading the story. The eighteen chapters of The Caves Of Steel are no exception to this and each of them is written with utmost perfection. The chase sequence in chapter eleven 'Escape along the Strips' was enthralling to read and was nothing short of a fascinating Hollywood movie action sequence.

Curiosity is the name we give to a desire to extend one's knowledge.

The protagonist is pragmatic, reasonable and forthcoming. Through the protagonist's perception we travel in a futuristic world built in our own imaginations constructed from the rigorous depiction mentioned in the book. All the other characters of the story are detailed out thoroughly and revolves around a core plot that holds the story grippingly.

Go and sin no more!

Although the moral conveyed in the novel is earlier in time by thousand years, it still holds good for the present day. If you are not a science fiction lover then this story might be dull and tedious to read. But I recommend this book for all because the narration is quite extra-ordinary and conscientious. It's worth reading once for all bibliophiles.

I was indeed impressed with this first book in Robot Series and I have planned to order the second book: The Naked Sun.

Robot Series*

1. The Caves Of Steel

2. The Naked Sun

3. Robots Of Dawn

4. Robots And Empire

Verdict: For The Hard-core Science Fiction Fans!


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