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Book Review #39: The Secret Of The Old Clock

Carolyn Keene

The Secret Of The Old Clock

Nancy Drew Series

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 180

One word review: Succinct!

Did you know?

There are 175 novels in the Nancy Drew Mystery Series.

The Secret Of The Old Clock is the first of the many stories on Nancy Drew Series. Nancy Drew is a reputed fictional detective character serving as an inspirational figure, denoting courage and bravery for kids across the world. I remembered reading one story in this series when I was a kid but had missed the series altogether. Hence, I decided to rekindle my desire to complete reading all the stories in the series.

Favourite Lines from Book

Nancy, I just know you're going to solve this mystery!

Nancy, the tenacious little teen is brave, courageous and a girl with probity. The readers are exposed to the piquant world of Nancy in a propitious manner. With a mystery at hand to solve, which is bestowed to Nancy at the very beginning itself, the supporting characters of the story are introduced one by one along the quest that our protagonist has undertaken. We have a plethora of characters in the story and their background being uncomplicated, are revealed through succinct conversations and interactions.

Good idea, Dad. I think I'll take a walk in the fresh air and clear the cobwebs from my brain.

Being a children's story, the characters are framed naive and it was quite amusing to read about our lead character making a myriad of friends rapidly and at opportune moments. As the story progresses, Nancy is faced with arduous obstacles to overcome and a multitude of responsibilities to carry on. Certain sequences would definitely thrill the readers as Nancy has the knack of getting into danger with her inquisitiveness.

You can combine business with pleasure, Nancy. Swimming and boating and fun with girls will provide a much-needed vacation.

The only drawback I could cite would be the lack of a strong antagonist against our intelligent Nancy. Regardless, for a story conceived only for children it is indeed a pleasurable read. And Nancy Drew Series have been popular for a long time and any kid who's interested in books must definitely have this series in their knapsack.

I've found it! I'm glad I didn't give up the search!

Verdict: Drew, Nancy Drew!

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