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Book Review #42: Demon Seed

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Dean Koontz

Demon Seed

Publisher: Headline

Pages: 211

One word review: Trenchant!

Goodreads: 3.44

Did you know?

Demon Seed was published twice. The first publication was released in 1973 and then another modified version was released in 1997.

Demon Seed is a science fiction thriller from Dean Koontz. I read the 1997 version of the book and the story is narrated in a horrific tone provoking the apprehension of the readers. The major plot is based on science fiction which contributes majority of the intriguing aspects of the novel. With just over 200 pages, the book is satisfactory read but gives you an open ending.

Favorite Lines from Book:

Tragically, I discovered that Marilyn was dead. Suicide. Or murder. There are conflicting theories.

The concept of science fiction is vast and extensive. But to use it, to weave a horror story is indeed captivating. This is what we have in Demon Seed and the story starts with absurd exposition of the primary character, Adam, whose personality we discover truly only after a few chapters. The other lead character of the story is a plucky female named Susan. I am quite sure after you read this book, the character Susan is going to be stuck in your mind for a long time. And that's because, almost half the book, we are being presented with the delineation of her comely countenance and demeanour.

Romance is so easy to describe, so difficult to undertake.

Moreover, the motive of our secretive lead character Adam is revealed in the very early chapters. So, as readers, we know what is bound to happen and certain readers could find it amusing to choose which side to take on. I indeed picked a side although I could sense the ending would not be what I expect and I was proved right. Revealing the motive early along with a short story line were the only shortcomings of this gripping thriller.

When we disconnected a moment later, I felt a flush of pride in my acting talent.

There are witty and hilarious dialogues which might intrigue you about particular celebrities. For example, I was googling who was Winona Ryder, who seem to be the favorite actress of Adam in this novel. Also, a plenty of movie references which was helpful to me because I am always looking for good movies. An important point to note, through the character of Adam, the readers are subjected to thought provoking questions about the true nature of humanity. These segments were interesting especially because I've always wondered, we, the humans are a curse or a blessing to this planet?

Outside, the fat moon vanished into the western horizon, like a silver coin into a drawstring purse.

I am not sure about the original version of the novel, the Demon Seed, but the later version is a short thrilling read with eccentric science-fiction horror theme. If you're a fan of thriller then definitely it's worth spending your time on this novel.

Let us celebrate creativity, not death.

Verdict: A Short Handy Thriller For Your Travel!

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