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Book Review #44: Fate or Destiny: Let the Game Begin (2021)

Fate or Destiny

Let The Game Begin

A Book By Budding Author Arthy S L

Publisher: Notion Press

Pages: 200

One word review: Poignant!

Did you know?

The author has embedded short crossword puzzles at the end of each chapter involving words related to the previous chapter. If you complete them and mail it to the author, you will be participating in a lucky draw and stand a chance to win rewards.

Fate or Destiny : Let the Game Begin is a suspenseful romance drama novel penned by budding author Arthy SL. The Story is set in the beatific Islands of Andaman and Nicobar providing a refreshing feeling to a plot which is a pastiche of different popular works. The buck-worthy aspect of this novel lies in the fact that it takes you to the Islands where the story is set, instigating your boundless imagination.

Favorite Lines from Book:

My face was glowing like a sodium bulb on reading that.

Firstly, the story is based on a simple plot of romance but is enriched with various elements which makes it colorful. For example, there a few superficial facts about some of the tourist spots at the Islands, presented along the story, which I found it interesting to read. Then there is a mysterious symbolism employed to make the story suspenseful. This would surely leave the readers inquisitive. At times, the true drama of the novel overtakes the suspenseful elements and stands out effervescently on its own.

That is the feeling of your common sense leaving your body.

Coming to the core of the plot, our nonchalant and reticent protagonist of the story, Kavin, runs a mundane lifestyle in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Through the inadvertent events that he faces in his mediocre life, eventually, our protagonist metamorphoses into a whole new personality. There are numerous other characters built around Kavin but background story is developed only for the protagonist. This is a drawback considering the comely setting of the story and the copious characters it had to play with. The readers are sure to fall in love with certain characters but it is a disappointment to find them not developed further.

Anna, it is 'Hi, how are you? not 'How hi are you?'

Moreover, the narration is woven in a delicate manner with comical elements filled now and then so that the story does not become a humdrum. I thoroughly enjoyed the “Ice Cream“ episode wherein our protagonist ends up at a place, with funny characters around, wanting for ice cream. Similarly, there are couple of other sequences which does leave the readers with boisterous laughters. The highlighting aspect of the writing is that, the readers will definitely get connected to the story and may even get virtually transported to the islands. Personally, having never visited Andaman and Nicobar, the novel seemed to give me a noteworthy prelude.

I can tolerate all your texts, but please don't use that dumb smiling emoji

The novel does have its shortcomings. The science topics, especially psychological facts about disorders could have been presented in-detail with case studies or incisive writing to feel more empathetic towards the characters. There could have been background stories developed for other lead characters making the readers closely connected to them. But, with all these aforementioned drawbacks, the enchanting novel stands out refreshingly new and captivating to the readers.

My Goodness! I got worried that someone stole your phone.

It is important to note that the story doesn't end in this novel and shall be continued in the next book "Nevaeh - Sid's World". However, it will not be surprising if this novel, which is in itself a stand-alone story, turns into a movie in the future for it has all the elements of a Rom-Com Screen Entertainer. And I wish it does come true. If you are an avid reader and one who explores peculiar fiction, then Fate or Destiny is a must read.

Verdict: Experience a Tale of Twisted Love, with emotions and comedy, in the Islands!

Stay Tuned for 'myView On Books' Episode, the Video Review of 'Fate or Destiny' on MWM Channel!

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