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Book Review #50: The Interpretation Of Dreams

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Sigmund Freud


Publisher: Maple Press

Pages: 578

One word review: Cultivating!

Goodreads: 3.83

The Interpretation of Dreams is a study on psychology of dreams by world renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud. This book is more of an educational subject for a master's degree rather than an informative genre. I do not mean to discourage the readers but you will need inestimable patience to read this book completely because it is set completely on the topic of dreams and various incredulous methods of interpreting them.

Impressive lines from the book:

Every noise indistinctly perceived gives rise to corresponding dream-representations.

The book is presented from the perspective of the author and he begins the narration with the literature behind the dreams - how dreams originate? what are it's sources? what they try to convey? etc. And then he sets forth in introducing the different methods of interpreting dreams. He presents significant and crucial case studies learnt from his own patients which are quite interesting and enlightening.

Dreams permit us an occasional glimpse of the deepest and innermost recesses of our being, which are generally closed to us in our waking state.

Furthermore, he explains how dream can be categorized into different types based on the meaning it conveys after an interpretation. An important revealing fact that I learned from this book was that most of our dreams are Wish-Fulfilment dreams wherein our dream serves the purpose of fulfilling wishes that we crave for in the waking state. Inspired by this book, I started noting down my dreams everyday when I woke up in the morning and tried to interpret them.

In every dream we may find some reference to the experiences of the preceding day.

Moreover, the author talks in detail about distortion in dreams which play a crucial part in censorship. Censorship in dreams was an intriguing segment to read for me and I was engrossed in learning more about this topic. Also, in further chapters, we learn about how the materials and sources are gathered for construction of the dreams. The book is a humdrum read with over 500 pages in length and unless the reader is interested in such topics, one would definitely find it tedious.

A man is always the same person, whether he wakes or dreams.

I must say that dreams are the only means through which we can get to know about our darker and deeper sides of our entity. It is also the only means through which our subconscious and unconscious minds communicate with us. The edifying adage "Everything lies within you" is what I can recollect while reading this book. And this book shall certainly instruct you with profuse knowledge and set you on the path to get to know more about yourself.

Verdict: Don't just dream, decrypt them!

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