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Book Review #51: The Room On The Roof

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Sigmund Freud


Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 185

One word review: Poignant!

Goodreads: 4.12

Did you know?

Ruskin Bond wrote this novel when he was seventeen, in the year 1956.

The Room On The Rood is the first book of the Rusty Series. It is a drama novel that leaves an everlasting impression in the minds of the readers, typical of Ruskin Bond writing. The story revolves around a teenage boy named Rusty who is a demure young lad.

Impressive Lines From Book

The moon came out from a cloud, and played with his wet, glistening body, and showed him the vast, naked loneliness of the maidan and his own insignificance.

Ruskin Bond stories are plain and simple. But they are narrated with imperturbable emotions that strikes gold at our hearts. In this novel, the focus is on Rusty, our main character. Beginning with a mild exposition about his nature and background, the story progresses through a chained link of intriguing events that are fascinating to read. There are many enchanting characters that Rusty encounters and befriends. As a reader, you tend to fall in love with most of the characters soon.

They who sleep last, wake first.

Furthermore, the unique description of nature at certain moments are remarkable and eccentric. It instigates the imagination of the readers. In every novel that I have read so far from Ruskin Bond, the writing is purely magical and mesmerizing. Definitely, The Room On The Roof is no exception to that. "Rusty" the protagonist of this novel will leave an ineradicable impression on the readers for sure.

When nature was ready, the sun reached up over the trees and hills, and sent one tentative beam of warm light through the window.

The novel is short with less that 200 pages in length and would be a great book for travel companion, beginners and most importably for kids. The story continues in "Vagrants In The Valley" and many other novels henceforth. I will waste no time in reading the next immediate Rusty novel and I would recommend you the same in reading this book.

You don't have to lie if you know how to withhold the truth.

Verdict: The Fascinating Story Of A Melancholic Boy!

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