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Book Review #52: The Man-Eating Leopard Of Rudraprayag



Publisher: Rupa

Pages: 130

One word review: Enthralling!

Goodreads: 4.42

Did you know?

A leopard, in an area in which his natural food is scarce, finding dead bodies, very soon acquires a test for human flesh, and thus becomes mam-eaters

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag is a non-fiction book by Jim Corbett, depicting the events of a long sustaining hunt, for the man-eating leopard, roaming around the villages of Rudraprayag. This man-eating leopard was responsible for killing over hundred humans during an excruciating eight years time period, which haunted the villagers and caused panic. Night curfews had to be decreed to enforce the safety of villagers.

Impressive Lines From Book

Exercise, warm water, and food have a wonderfully soothing effect on bitter thoughts.

Initially, when beginning to read, it was hard to believe that the book was non-fiction. This was because, the narration was intriguing and written with a style that emulated piquant novel stories. It was as if, reading a thriller novel, hunting for a leopard that tormented the villagers even with it's absence. The author has presented even the minute details of his diurnal activities when he was present in the Rudraprayag villages during his hunt. It was captivating to read about his experience with wildlife and nature, how he tracks down the path of the wild cat by recognising the feet imprints left behind, etc.

When a leopard or tiger is walking at its normal pace only the imprints of the hind feet are seen.

Moreover, the depiction of events is captivating mainly because of the villagers' perspective of how they looked at and feared the man-eater. They seem superstitious to the author for they consider the man-eating leopard as an evil spirit and believe it to be a transformed evil priest who preys on humans. Now, having read a multitude of fables and mythological stories from the ancient Indian folklore, I found this belief to be amusing rather than superstitious. As the narration progresses, you learn how the villagers were horrified and how they treated the author with reverence, believing him to be the God-sent avenger.

The working of the intangible force which sets a period to life, which one man calls Fate and another calls kismet, is incomprehensible.

To conclude, this book is an impeccable chronicle about the man-eating leopard and his petrifying presence in the villages of Rudraprayag until it was hunted down eventually. It gives a sense of reading a thrilling novel and I am sure you would be bound to this book till you completely finish reading it.

Verdict: You Don't Just Get To Read, You Get To Live In This True Tale!

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