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Short Story #4: Origins

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"Three... Two... One... And there she goes... Impact in 30 seconds"

"Atmosphere and thermal scanner?"

"Yes Commander. We are tracking live. Impact in 25 seconds"

"You sure one asteroid is enough Martin?"

"According to my calculations, this asteroid, about 17 kilometers in diameter is perfectly shaped to cause a collision and release approximately 500 zettajoules of energy into the atmosphere, enough to cause a catastrophe that will wipe out more than 90% of flora and fauna in the planet which includes all kind of deadly Giant Reptiles."

"And what will be of the remaining species?"

"Post collision impact, vast amount of chemicals will be released into the atmosphere and instigate a deadly ecology in the long term. This particular disrupted environment will be enough to destroy the remaining species. I must say those species that adapt quickly over this period may have a slight chance to survive this mass extinction of ours. But going by our simulations those chances are very minimal. And the asteroid impacts now commander..."


"Done and Dusted! The Planet is ours Lisa"

"Jason. I thought about your question. I have decided we shall nurture our children, who will be in our images, in the natural course of evolution."

"Very well then. Let's talk to Martin on the process then. Martin?"

"Yes, Commander! With the remaining power we will be able to create a time-warp through which we can navigate our ship to the future of this planet."

"Okay. Where exactly in the future we need to make a pit stop?"

"Well, according to our simulations, it will take another 60 to 70 million years for primates to appear and evolve to a certain degree after which which we can interlude and revamp. Considering the present age of the planet which is of 388 million years, we will need to travel to Year 447 million."

"And we have no other choice but to have faith in our simulations."

"I must remind you Commander, our simulation have never failed us, ever."

"Alright then, let's travel to the future of this Blue Marble and make a pit stop to meet our primates who will possibly become our children"

[To be continued]

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