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Short Story #6: Inversal The Time-Man


The Hunt For Unknown

FBI agents Mark and Steve were outside Dr. Rasputin’s home. They had come to kill him, at any cost.

Mark was fearless and nonchalant. He was rational in his decision and only acted after carefully examining all the information available. Never had he allowed his emotions to take control over him. Steve was intellectual, loquacious and had trouble controlling his emotions.

Over the last few days, uranium and plutonium fuel vials from many nuclear power plants across the country had been stolen in quick succession. Upon cumbersome investigation, it had narrowed down to Dr. Rasputin and suspicion arose that he had been hoarding those stolen nuclear vials at his home for a malicious motive.

Dr. Rasputin, now increasingly addressed as ‘Time-Man’ among the FBI, was becoming the most wanted criminal in the country. He had become a potential threat to the livelihood of humanity on Earth. That’s because Steve believed he had acquired a distinctive supernatural power - manipulating time. Steve was under the impression that the Doctor could time travel to the past or future. And he was using this power to his own needs. Mark was skeptical and he wanted evidence. He was sure that the Doctor stole those nuclear vials but he thought there could be an underground organization involved. The outside world knew only about the nuclear power plant thefts and was oblivious to the developments of Dr. Rasputin’s complicity. This was a covert operation and so, both Mark and Steve wanted to end this tonight before it could blow up badly.

Mark and Steve cautiously entered Sagan’s home. But all of a sudden, Dr. Sagan jumped out of nowhere and overpowered the FBI agents. After a brief battle, the doctor shot them both with their own guns.

It was as if Dr. Rasputin knew every movement of theirs’ way before in advance. It was as if he had traveled to the future and got to know exactly what would happen at his home when the FBI agents entered. Dr. Rasputin, the Time-Man, was smiling. He had in fact witnessed the future… Through his dreams.



Time-Man Is Born

Dr. Rasputin was a theoretical physicist, psychoanalyst, neurologist and a science communicator. He was working as a professor at the Forward University of Vacuum, at Quasar. He was regimented, pedantic, and fastidious but also eccentric when compared to the contemporary scientists in his era. That’s because he was highly concerned with his attire. The way he dressed, he always caught up to the modern trends, being fashionable and groovy. He was married but lost his wife to an accident many years ago and ever since he has been living alone, in memories of his lovable wife. Every night, before he goes to sleep, he used to look at a photo frame of him and his wife, captured during a memorable moment earlier in their life, and recollect the joyful memories. He longed for his wife to comeback in some form or a way to meet his wife by any means.

One night, characteristic of his usual schedule, he was reading a book, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, seated on his couch. After a while, he was tired. So, he closed the book, kept it on the coffee table in front of the couch and went to bed to sleep. But little did he know that this sleep was not going to be an ordinary one like all other previous nights. This was going to be one of the extraordinary sleep that he would ever have in his life.

For the first time ever in his life, Dr. Rasputin experienced dreams in an inverse state with respect to time:

He dreamed himself of getting up from the bed, going to his couch, reading the book and finally retrieving the gun out of nowhere and shooting straight.

All these events ran in an inverse state of time in his dreams.

When he woke up, he was frightened, and perplexed. He went to the couch and investigated the book that he read. He couldn't believe his dreams had produced events that presented itself in an inversal timeframe. He decided to experiment. He went to the kitchen desk and poured himself a glass of water. He drank the water from the glass and he went to the couch. He lied down and slept. And boom, the dream started it’s wonder:

He got up from the couch, went to the kitchen desk and poured himself a glass of water and drank it. He retrieved a gun out of nowhere and shot straight.

Only thing was, all these events presented itself in an inverse state of time.

The Doctor woke up from sleep. He realized that he had acquired some supernatural powers that were allowing him to manipulate time.

The Making Of An Anti-Hero

Over the next few days he experimented doing a lot of activities and interpreting his dream life. Upon decoding multiple dreams, he discovered that his dreams have the potential to forecast the future and also to relive any past moment but with the only condition that all events would be presented in an inverse state of time.

He started reading his dreams, in turn reading the future. He could witness himself traveling through time not only in his dream life but in waking life too. He missed his wife a lot. Every night before he goes to sleep, he looks at a photo of his wife sadly. He thought he could use his newly acquired time manipulating powers to bring her back or at least meet her somehow. All he wanted was a time machine and his dreams were guiding him to build a time machine. His dreams gave all information about the materials required for a time machine and where to acquire them.

Thus, with the help of his inversal dream life, he was sneaking into multiple nuclear power plants and looting the nuclear elements required to build a time machine. He had visualized when and where to enter each and every nuclear plant in his dream life and it was like a piece of cake for him in waking life to get hold of the elements from the power plants. This attracted the FBI agents and the case was specifically assigned to Mark and Steve.

A Monster Unleashed

Dr. Rasputin knew that tonight FBI agents Mark and Steve were going to break-in to his home and try to kill him. The news of the radioactive elements - uranium and plutonium being stolen from multiple nuclear power plants was becoming a sensational story now throughout the country. Media speculated a major terrorist attack was imminnent.

But after the FBI took over the case, Mark and Steve soon figured it out and pinned it down to Dr. Rasputin. He knew they were coming to get him tonight. But he was confident that they didn't know he could read the future.

He visualized what was bound to happen when they entered his home, through his dream, portrayed in an inverse state of time:

Mark and Steve arrive at the door, knock it and Dr. Sagan opens it. When they produce the FBI identity badge, he gets panicked and runs away, banging the door on them. Mark and Steve chase the doctor inside and an intense battle ensues between them and the doctor. Eventually, they overpower the doctor and shoot him dead.

When the doctor visualized this dream, he came to know where exactly Mark and Steve had their guns and where exactly they would move around inside his home, etc. He basically came to know about every inch movement of Mark and Steve. Now he had a headstart and a vantage point.

Mark and Steve cautiously entered Sagan’s home. All of a sudden, Sagan jumped out of nowhere and overpowered the FBI agents. After a brief battle, he shot them both with their own guns.

Dr. Rasputin, the Time-Man, was smiling… over the dead bodies of Mark and Steve - -

→ To be continued.

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