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Book Review #5: Three Men in a Boat

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

“Three Men in a Boat” by Jerome K Jerome

One word review: Comical!

Did you know?

This book’s success was so huge that River Thames became a major tourist attraction immediately after the book was published and garnered more than fifty percent crowd the next year.

Three Men in a Boat is an authentic British comedy. Based on true events, the author has amalgamated his imaginations and real events into a funny adventurous tale set on the banks of River Thames.

As the name goes by, three friends decide to take a boat trip on the River Thames. Narrated from the main character’s perspective, the story has been beautifully structured oscillating between the present adventures and the past experiences of each men. There are innumerable occasions where I laughed out aloud imagining the scenes in my mind.

The power of books lies in it’s ability to provoke the readers to imagine. And set as a boat trip on a river, this book does a fantastic job in making you visualize the scenes you read and gauge the mockery through your imagination. Some of us may find it difficult to get acclimated to the book’s thorough British vernacular but it is something that you can get used to, eventually.

Key Takeaway:

There is a funny perspective to every serious aspect of our life.

Verdict: Have fun reading this book!

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