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Journal #29 : Rediscovering Reading through Kindle

Updated: May 15

Rediscovering Reading through Kindle

So, I bought a Kindle Oasis.

Yayyyyyy!!!!! But... when I unboxed and started using I was left with mixed feelings.

Firstly, the kindle is so small not even the size of a small book. When compared to my iPad, I feel like "Are you guys joking?" but then when I realize Kindle is just 25% of what an iPad costs, "Not a joke!"

The cardinal reasons why I bought a kindle?

1) It's been long pending since I became a voracious reader in 2019. Reading in kindle is way much better than reading in iPad or mobile. In dark room, it feels like nothing. And I can read when I am lying down or upside down, which is quite difficult with a hard copy book. This purpose is served.

2) Mystery/Thriller Novels recommended by GoodReads daily but are expensive to purchase the hard copies in Amazon. Yes, I am diligent user of GoodReads Application and I regularly open it up to track my reading progress and update my virtual shelves. So, GoodReads pops up many trending novels and books in the home page. When I check the reviews on them they turn out to be promising and undeniable. Most of these books are expensive to purchase from Amazon, the hard copies. Hence, Kindle provides a way or two. Either they are part of Kindle Unlimited or you could always buy the Kindle version. This purpose is also served.

[Psst. Here's My GoodReads Profile]

3) After recent addiction to manga and comics, I thought I can't afford myself to collect all comics/manga/graphic novel books in hard copy and there were lotta these available in kindle unlimited subscription. Some comics like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc which I don't wish to collect I would like to read them online in a device. And Kindle apps/devices has this unique feature of reading comics/graphic novels frame by frame. Unfortunately, after purchasing and using Kindle Oasis, I realized that there is NO COLOURS in any kindles. Ufff!!! My lack of research! "F** ME!" Who would read a colour comics in black & white in a colourless kindle which comes with a hefty price? I felt like I was totally ripped off. Totally disappointed on this note.

After swallowing the frog, I started surfing through the kindle store and I realized that there are a plethora of popular mangas, even most famous ones like Attack on Titans, Vinland Saga etc, complete volumes available in Kindle Unlimited subscription. And reading mangas in kindle is incredibly good just like a paperback. Soon in a few minutes I downloaded many manga's first volume to my device.

I suppose I should stick to reading comics and colour graphic novels in my iPad/Mac/Mobile and use Kindle for books and mangas.

Over the course of time, eventually, I will get used to reading in kindle and become selective in purchasing hard copy books similar to the effect of not going to cinemas frequently after you made a home theatre setup. The Kindle should drastically reduce my spending on books, which is a huge relief because I don't have much space for books in my place right now. That is extremely good.

Overall, even though my initial reactions were negative towards the Kindle Oasis, I started enjoying it upon using. My rediscovery on reading has taken a new turn. Read some reports that a Colour Kindle might be coming up and I would get my hands on that immediately when it's up for sale.

I think my social life is gonna take a hit as I would be staying off the grid thanks to my addictions on manga, comics, graphic novels already and now Kindle Oasis!!!

Checkout YouTube Shorts on my all-new Kindle Oasis

MaddiE's Note:

  • If you find any mistakes or need for improvements please comment or reach out to me.

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