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Book Review #53: Son Of The Thundercloud

Updated: Sep 20, 2022



Publisher: Speaking Tiger

Pages: 149

One word review: Transfixing!

Goodreads: 3.91

Did you know?

Easterine Kire was awarded the Governor's Medal for excellence in Naga Literature.

The Son Of The Thundercloud is a fiction novel by Easterine Kire. The story is mythological but filled with symbolism which makes it relatable to the modern era. You get the feel of reading Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist' while you're reading this book, which was amusing to me. So, the story revolves around the adventures of an ordinary village man who has lost everything and sets upon a journey to find a purpose.

Impressive Lines From Book

When people are overtaken by greed, they are going to bring a lot of trouble into their own lives and into the lives of others.

Pele is the name of the main character upon whom this mythological story is built. We follow the journey of Pele, along mountains, after his village has been completely obliterated by drought and famine leaving him alone. Pele meets fascinating women during his journey and then his miserable life turns into a fancy world filled with magic and miracles. He seem to have attained a definite purpose to carry on in this miraculous world.

Life is hard and unexpected, but we can direct it to go the way we want it to. It is up to us.

Another captivating aspect of this novel is that, it tells stories within the story. A Prophecy is being told for many centuries and only some believe in it with full hope. Pele happens to meet folks who strongly believe in the prophecy. The prophecy does come true indeed and people in the villages are surprised and only then begins to believe in the myth. The story in the novel definitely leaves the reader ruminating on their viewpoints about any myths or prophecies that they may come across in real life.

People prefer to believe what is more plausible rather than what is miraculous.

The simplest way to put it: if you liked 'The Alchemist' you're gonna like reading this book as well. But on a better note, I see this novel as a genuine attempt to entice our hopes of believing in miracles in today's mundane and mediocre life. A majority of folks do not believe in magic and miracles nowadays.

Verdict: A Beautiful and Miraculous Tale!

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MaddiE's Note:

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