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Book Review #58: Project Hail Mary

Updated: Oct 14, 2022



Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 492

One word review: Uplifting!

Goodreads: 4.52 [Subjected to change]

Did you know?

Bill Gates & Barack Obama added this book to their respective 2021 book recommendations.

Project Hail Mary is a science-fiction novel written by Andy Weir, the author of the popular book 'The Martian'. The story is inspiring, intriguing and mind-blowing. Within ten pages into the book, I am sure any reader would be hooked onto this story and go on to finish reading the whole book as soon as possible.

Favorite Lines From Book

They say hunger is the greatest seasoning. When you're starving, your brain rewards you handsomely for finally eating. Good job, it says we get to not die for a while.

We have Doctor Ryland Grace, a former scientist and a primary school-teacher, who is the main protagonist of the story and through his perspective each and every aspect of the story is divulged. Amusing to the readers, Ryland Grace is bestowed with an incredible sense of humour and is embarking on a humanity-saving highly critical mission across the galaxy. He is in a space-ship, far away from Earth and the Solar System and does not have even the slightest clue as to why he is there. In the beginning, along with Ryland Grace we know nothing about what's going on presently and only as the story progresses we come to know about the complete gravity of the situation.

Maybe that ship is the Praise Allah or the Blessings of Vishnu or something.

"Rocky" will be a name that you will never forget in your lifetime after reading this book. He is the second protagonist of the story and a much-needed friend to Ryland Grace on his supposedly one-way trip. As soon as Rocky enters the story, it completely shifts gears and every aspect of the main plot gets enhanced. The story, now revolving around Ryland Grace and Rocky becomes more engaging and gripping. Rocky would eventually become a friend of yours too.

It's simple idea, but also stupid. Thing is, when stupid ideas work, they become genius ideas.

The next protagonist of the story is the writing. The plethora of Science facts that are delineated throughout the story are simply apropos and effortlessly comprehensible even to the layman. Witty and hilarious one-liners makes you chuckle all-throughout the story. Most importantly, the narrative structure is absolutely ingenious making you turn pages again and again untill you're addicted to it. The story is not only presented by switching between past and present timeframes of Ryland Grace, but also with a reason as to why it is being switched. Moreover, the reminiscent past memories, which explains plenty of mysteries in the present, are as captivating and enchanting as the present-day moments of the story.

What are wavelengths of light humans can see, question? All wavelengths between 380 nanometers and 740 nanometers.

Project Hail Mary is an unforgettable experience and a thrilling ride along the Milky Way galaxy. And it is woven with emotions, camaraderie, hardships and hearty laughters. It has science-fiction, drama, mystery but most importantly the pure friendship, that is portrayed in the story, between Dr. Ryland Grace and Rocky, which is absolutely uplifting and would be the one you would take away.

Rocky might be a long-lost relative. Very long. The trees outside my house back home are closer relatives to me than Rocky.

Verdict: You will have a Delightful Friend & a Gratifying Story for Your Lifetime!

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