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Book Review #59: Dark Matter

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Blake Crouch


Publisher: PAN

Pages: 398

One word review: Transfixing!

Goodreads: 4.12 [Subjected to change]

Did you know?

Apple Studios & Sony Pictures Television are adapting this book into a TV Series for Apple TV+.

Dark Matter is a science-fiction thriller novel written by Blake Crouch. Right from the very first word in the very first chapter, the story is enchanting and enrapturing, keeping you hooked onto the book until you finish reading it. The Narration is mind-bending and hypnotises you instantly when the core of the plot is divulged. But if you ruminate after reading this book, you are overwhelmed with the emotions of love that was portrayed which is the cardinal theme of Dark Matter.

Favorite Lines From Book

There's always a larger, overarching question - the big target. But if you obsess on the sheer enormity of it, you lose focus

Jason Dessen, a science professor, is living a happy life, albeit with some regrets, with his wife Daniela and son Charlie. One exciting night, before the occasional joyful family dinner with his wife and son, he ventures out to meet an old friend, a scientist, at his celebratory party for winning an honourable science award. Within few minutes into the conversation with his friend, immediately he deplores having decided to attend this lavish party and decides to get back home. But he doesn't get home to his lovable family and instead gets kidnapped and wakes up in a different reality, a reality where he's not married to Daniela and his son Charlie doesn't even exist. Shocking is it? That's the first two chapters which sets the mysterious tone in the most captivating narration and grips you to the edge of the seat.

We all live day to day completely oblivious to the fact that we're part of a much larger and stranger reality that we can possibly imagine.

Who was the kidnapper? Where is our Jason Dessen? The place where he wakes up, is it a hallucination or some kind of rabbit hole? Finding answers to all these questions and trying to get back to his home, his wife Daniela, and his son Charlie, establishes the remainder of this intriguing tale. The first half of the story line fascinates you with science facts, which you may have never heard, that will evoke the scientist in you and the second half of the story charms you with a strong-bonded romance that will leave you soul-stirring.

I think it's a manifestation of the mind as it attempts to visually explain something our brains haven't evolved to comprehend.

The narration is incisive and flawless, which thrusts the story move forward in a racy pace but also, expoing enough drama to make the readers attached to the central character. Certainly, a group of readers would find the scientific aspects of the story unbelievable and overwhelming but I am confident that the majority would resonate my feelings.

Until everything topples, we have no idea what we actually have, how precariously and perfectly it all hangs together.

The book is nearly four hundred pages in length and nowhere you would feel tedium kicking in. At times, I've observed myself reading over fifty pages without even realizing the time pass by and this is unusual for me. The impeccable combination of a mysterious plot and an intellectual narration makes Dark Matter, a compelling read and a memorable novel. My recommendation, A Must Read book which you should be ordering right away.

I am one facet of an infinitely faceted being called Jason Dessen who has made every possible choice and lived every life imaginable.

Verdict: A Spellbinding Out-Of-The-World Thriller Ride!

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