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Short Story #1: Dreams Come True...

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


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Previously on Dreams come true : While driving his new car to office, Thompson had inadvertently hit Marie’s bike causing her a severe injury.

02:40 Thursday, 8 August, Marie’s mobile lightened up showing a text message notification. She opened the message and surprised to see that her booking for lucid dream test was confirmed. The Lucid Dream test, similar to the Turing test, is a method to determine whether the person is in a dream world or real world. Marie had been having these dreams lately, working in a bank, befriending her mentor Thompson, affording a solvent lifestyle and most of all she had fallen in love with Thomson. Over a period of time, the events happening in the dreams were pleasant, and she didn’t care about whether it’s an ethereal dream or a world which seemed to fulfill her dreams. The accident happened on the day when she had planned to propose to Thomson. But the events stopped unraveling in this particular dream where she was hit by an SUV and rushed to hospital. This dream kept repeating again and again. And she was not able to move forward, stymied from knowing what has happened after. Her reality was broken. She had moved into a state of trance wherein she was doubting her own world now. That’s when she came to know about this Lucid Dream test which she read in a book. And she had booked for a test and waited for a confirmation. Now that she received the confirmation, the test was just few hours away.

Dawn had passed by and the crickets chirping welcomed the dusk. Doctors finally came out of the intensive care unit and met Thomson. Already petrified by destiny’s laugh, Thomson couldn’t stand when he heard what the doctors said. Marie had gone into coma. And there was nothing that could be done now to make her recover consciousness. Thomson didn’t know what to do now. He felt culpable and angry with himself. Why did he take the highway when he could have met her at office? Anger subsided, and remorse took over. Crestfallen he went inside the room where Marie lay unconscious. He wanted to see her and say something.

11:00 Thursday, 8 August. Marie opened the link from the message which was now accessible. She had to finish the test within 15 minutes which was more than enough. The questionnaire was a simple multiple choice and yes or no questions. She started the test.

Thomson clasped Marie’s hand. He gathered courage to whisper sorry to her. He moved closer and kissed her forehead. He said, “I’ll take care of you Marie, I will take care of you, your whole life, for I ...

Marie was halfway through the test and suddenly the screen started flickering. She checked her mobile network connection, connected. Battery, 74%. The screen now went completely blank, and after a brief pause, it displayed:


[End of Story]


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