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Interview #3: Arthy S L, the author of Fate or Destiny

Dear Readers,

Hope you read the review of Fate or Destiny book and ordered your copy of the book right away. After reading the novel, I was left inquisitive to know more about the background and origins of the story. Hence, I got in touch with the author, Arthy S L, for a print interview. She readily agreed and was forthcoming in responding to each and every interview question of mine.

So, let's check out the Interview now!

Q1: I am very curious to know the inspiration behind the story and I sense it is based on true events. Is it so? Could you please elaborate how “Fate or Destiny” happened?

Response: No, it isn’t based on true events! If there is one thing even a non-fantasy person fantasizes about, it would be going back in time to fix something. Just imagine what a fantasy lover like me would do? For instance, when I get stuck in traffic I instantly start picturing myself racing on top of the vehicles like a superhuman. I spend my idle time dreaming of such unreal stuff. I thought, why not give life to my fantasy and that’s how ‘Fate or Destiny’ happened!

Q2: You have covered several topics in this novel such as PTSD, child abuse, etc. What kind of research you had to go through to aid your story with these sub plots?

Response: I have experienced sleep-related disorders right from childhood. It started with Sleep talking, followed by Sleepwalking for a few years and Sleep paralysis for the past 13 years! I added a fantasy touch to sleepwalking and included it in my story. I was waiting for a chance to write about Child abuse and LGBTQ. Though I couldn’t bring up much on these topics in ‘Fate or Destiny’, you will be seeing more of it in my upcoming books. There is nothing more satisfying than writing about vital things.

Q3: The symbolism of Goat in your story was impressive. It could have been a bird or any other animal. Any particular reason why you chose Goat?

Response: Are you sure you want to know? The reason is way too silly! When I was relaxing on the chaise lounge at Corbyn’s cove beach, Andaman, a Goat did come and sniff my leg and followed me, sorry chased me for a while! I instantly decided to have him/her in my story.

Q4: A silly question. Do you believe in time travel or a glitch in the system that could make us replay certain stages in our life?

Response: For this, I should probably answer in Kamal Hassan style. I can’t say time travel isn’t possible, all I can say is it will be nice if it is possible! Jokes apart, I am not sure about time travel, but I do feel we are in a computer simulation at times.

Q5: Have you been to Andaman & Nicobar Islands? Which is your favorite spot there?

Response: I have been to Andaman, but not Nicobar. The moment I decided to base the story in Andaman, I planned a short trip to explore the place, people and its culture. My favourite spot – Cellular Jail. ‘Favourite’ wouldn’t be the right word, as the place gave me the chills. It carried such heaviness due to its history.

Q6: What are your future plans and goals with respect to writing career?

Response: It started when I was in 7th grade, where I got inspired by the movie ‘Evil Dead’ and wrote a horror short story. Later, I developed the habit of writing down my dreams the next morning. Writing is my way of expression. I channel my joy, rage or misery through words. It is passion than a career. Imagine if you have the power to build a world and fill it with characters. You get to decide what happens in that world. In other words, you are ‘The God’ in that world. Won’t it feel great? That’s how I feel when I write a book. I would never stop writing.

Q7: A few words for the book lovers on why they should read your books?

Response: If you prefer language proficiency over simple words, my books are not meant for you! (A secret – I still don’t know what a verb or adjective is! Shush!) Jokes apart, do you want a break from your robotic life and teleport yourself to a different world for a few hours? Read my books! Enjoy yourself losing yourself to the story and connecting with the characters in a flash. I will not call myself a great writer yet, I am still learning. I would love to see the critiques in each reader. Happy Reading, everyone! (Another secret – I don’t like reading books! Shush! It is like being a foodie but not knowing to cook. Hope I will be excused!)

Thank you Arthy S L, for answering all the questions with patience and diligence.

I wish you Success and Prosperity in all your future endeavors.

God Bless You!



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