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Journal #28 : Rediscovering Reading

Rediscovering Reading

I see the sketches...

Recently, I've rediscovered a category of books which I was completely oblivious to. Mangas and Graphic Novels!

These pictorial story books were not completely out of the picture in my purview. I've known them from time to time. A guy reading in a town bus, couple of bibliophiles talking about them in the book club events etc. I knew they existed in our universe. But my mind didn't had enough attention scope to explore these books.

Few years back, after coming across the Big Bang TV show, Sheldon and Leonard's love for comics, I had collected more than a couple of DC Comics and Compendium of The Simpsons. I liked reading Comics and as time went by, I got busy in life and stopped reading Comics.

But this is Year 2024. And I've rediscovered reading thanks to Mangas! It started with Manga, and the addiction to pictorial stories spread to Graphic Novels and finally settled down to what I already had, the Comics. I need a whole new blog to write about Mangas. So, let's just stick to my infatuation to Graphic Novels right now.

It is lucidly breathtaking when I keep reading “THE MAUS”, one of the greatest graphic novels of all times. It happens to be the first Graphic Novel that I (am reading)(read)*. Perhaps, any Graphic Novel with a gripping story would feel the same. I’m unambiguously falling in love with Graphic Novels after beginning to read THE MAUS. With WATCHMEN and BLACK HOLE in my shelves already, it only stands validated.

THE MAUS. I’ve completed over a hundred pages (as of Saturday the 30th of March 2024). Whenever I resume reading I forget the twenty first century surrounding that I live in and get transported to a mid-twentieth century world from the past. From it's inherent symbolism of rats and cats, denoting World War II times in Europe, to a highly innovative technique of making the readers read a comic book inside a graphic novel, this book is sheer masterclass in storytelling and a priceless leaf from the past that should stand timeless even in the far future. I only consider myself blessed and gifted in acquiring a copy of this book and the opportunity to write down my name on its first page.

2024 is a clearly the year I am transitioning beyond the print books, into the uncharted wild space of reading stories through sketches. I’ve set a goal of twenty four books to complete reading this year. Looks like with the help of Manga, Graphic Novels and Comics, I would only end up outreaching it with 200% completion!!!

Check out My March Manga Haul!

*Considering present and future.

MaddiE's Note:

  • If you find any mistakes or need for improvements please comment or reach out to me.

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