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Movie Suggestion #43: Hereditary (2018)

Hereditary (2018)

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime

Runtime: 2 hour 7 minutes

One word review: Petrifying!

IMDB: 7.3

Did you know?

As per Ars Goetia, a book on demonology, there are seventy two demons.

Hereditary is a horror thriller movie that will send nerve wrecking chills along your spine. The movie is scary, spooky and horrifying. It is most probably the best horror movie of the previous decade. With over two hours in length the movie is so scary that you literally want the film to end soon.

Movie quotes:

Who’s Gonna Take Care Of Me...When You Die?

The movie kick starts with a suspenseful event and progresses slowly exposing the characters involved. There are visual elements portrayed with subtle and hidden meanings which are blood curdling to witness. The scenes are filled with suspense and terror and makes you go crazy about what is gonna happen next. The story and screenplay are absolutely stunning and falls nothing short of a masterpiece.

I just need you to go and see upstairs. Please, Steve. And then... there's more.

A good horror movie not only needs a good story but also needs to be backed up with good performances. And that is exactly what we have in Hereditary. Toni Collette as the mother and Alex Wolff as the son, has done an excellent job in portraying their respective characters. Furthermore, keeping the mood of the movie in tact in all the scenes, all other supporting characters' performances were enigmatic too.

And I can't forgive. Because... because NOBODY admits anything they've done!

Coming to the main highlights of the movie: background music and cinematography, the two most terror inducing elements of the film. These two elements not only made the movie a horrifying experience but also ensures to provoke nightmares in your dreams for the next two days. I'm sure there'll be a disturbing peculiar sound that'll be ringing in your ears for some days after you watch this movie.

So, maybe we finish the toy after the quiz.

Hereditary is a visually sound and frightening horror film that petrifies more with silence than jump scares. If you are fan of horror genre, then Hereditary would certainly top your favorite's list.

Verdict: I Dare You To Watch This Movie Alone!

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