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Short Story #3: Overnight Celebrity

Updated: Oct 24, 2020


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Previously on Overnight Celebrity: Aron had walked into the scene of scuffle between the old man and Ben.

Aron approached Ben with caution.

"Who are you? Get the fuck out of here man", growled Ben with the knife in his hand.

Aron remained silent and keenly observed Ben. He was holding the knife in his right hand while the duffel bag was in his left hand. The old man had wound himself around Ben's leg, leaving him cramped for movement. His eyes were vacillating between the old man and himself.

Aron now thought of different techniques to tackle the situation.

1. Knife Defense - involves lightening bolt speedy hands and swift movement from legs. With closed fist, and a fake posture before the attack, he had to hit hard at Ben's left hand below the wrist which will throw the knife out of his hands into the air and make him lose his balance but only for a while. Ben will definitely be foxed and the knife would be thrown out of his hands but having the old man onto his legs this technique would be risky.

"You old pig. All because of you! I would have got away with this. Fucking old scum," Ben yelled, now pointing the knife towards the old man and quickly moving it back towards Aron. Looking at the growing crowd, he tried to take the mask out and wear it but couldn't manage; his both hands were already occupied. It was too late. People who had gathered around the scene grew tumultuous. Some took out their mobile phones and started capturing the event in awe.

2. Kalaripayattu Kicks - YES! This was the one. The Kalaripayattu kick is the ideal solution to the problem in hand. Why didn't he think of it in the first place? He immediately scanned all the kicks in his mind and shortlisted Valathu Pattu kick technique, the circle swing kick. It involves a circular swing with the legs after which you launch a powerful kick with your right leg to the chin of your enemy. Usually, the swing would not be quick enough but he thought he could thrust his Kung Fu agility into the kick and make it rapid. Here, instead of the chin, he can target the wrist of Ben to remove the knife from his hands and then quickly launch another kick - Kon Kaal kick, the diagonal swing kick with his left hand to dismount the duffel bag from his left hand. And finally, he can just let out a basic boxing punch to knock him down. PERFECT!

Aron was just waiting for Ben's glance to move towards the old man. Ben was swinging the knife in the air and gazed sideways to check out the crowd. That was it. That was the distraction Aron needed. He quickly thrust himself forward with his left leg, swirling around his axis and used the right leg to jump up with full force and at the same time launching a kick pointed towards Ben's wrist. The kick landed exactly where he had intended and before Ben could realize what had happened, he felt a sharp pain in his right hand and saw his knife flying in air. Aron had grounded himself and immediately launched a Kon Kaal kick with his left leg at Ben's left hand and dismounted the duffel bag. Ben was stupefied and stood with bewilderment. The knife had landed six meters away from him and the duffel bag four meters away. Both his hands were in pain and when he looked at Aron to fathom what was happening, the final punch was delivered. He fell unconscious in the middle of the road.

Thunderous claps emerged from the crowd acknowledging the bravura Aron had displayed. People were cheering for Aron. He picked up the duffel bag and returned it to the old man. Cops came ten minutes later and handcuffed Ben. They asked Aron to come to the station for a statement on what had happened.

Few hours later Aron reached his office at midday. Nobody seemed to care why he was late and so he ensconced himself in his workstation. He finished work by 5:40 p.m. and returned to home by 6:01 p.m. He switched on the television and the news channel popped up. Aron was shocked. He saw himself in the News.


The video of a Mystery Man who helped an old watchman to hamper the theft attempt in a jewellery shop near Avenue road is trending in YouTube and Facebook. The incident occurred just today, early morning, when a thief, who was actually a daytime security guard working at the jewellery shop, had snatched all the jewels and was on his way out of the shop. The night watchman tried stopping him getting away and just when his efforts seemed to be futile, the Mystery Man stepped in to rescue...


[To be continued]


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