Novella #2: 2100


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Previously on 2100: All the H-bots working in Horado technologies including Kirk were shut down, power drained and shifted to an isolation chamber.

Year: 2100

7th Tuesday July, 10:07 a.m.

Rod had given up trying to figure out what he was searching for in the bedroom in his dreams. Neither Anima nor his waking mind could deduce what he was looking for in his bedroom. It had been four nights since the H-bots were banished from the society and since then he had been having this element in his dreams continually. Never before it had occurred repeatedly for four nights straight. The disappearance of Dr. Richards also appeared in his dreams continually now. He took his Elysian Tab and held it in his left hand. Using his right hand he navigated to the Watchout Track list:









He cogitated looking at the first point in the list. He could not figure out the symbolism employed by his dream in the first item. He had tried hard. So, he thought about seeking answers for the second item in the list. He moved his gaze to the second item in the list, 'Dr. Richard's Disappearance'. Rod ruminated for a while and convinced himself that talking to Dr. Richard regarding his dreams seemed a reasonable approach. He then contacted Dr. Richard's associates and booked an appointment at Seven O'Clock in the evening.


7th Tuesday July, 06:58 p.m.

"Welcome to the office of Dr. Richard Wilson. Please stand still so that I may be able to scan your face and body", uttered a primitive Robot in a male voice.

Rod was at Dr. Richard's office and the Robot was scanning his face for identify and his body for weapons. The Robot's demeanor was similar to an actual human being and in fact their kind were the antecedents to the H-bots in the contemporary society. The only difference between these Robots and the H-bots lied in locomotion. The Robots' movements were mechanical but far improved than the Robots that were in place in the twenty first century. H-bots moved, walked, and talked precisely like an actual human being.

"Good Evening Rod! You booked an appointment with Dr. Richard at 7:00 p.m. Please wait at the porch while I inform your arrival to the Doctor."

The Robot was giving out an expression which conveyed that it was communicating over wireless network. Two minutes later the Robot informed Rod that he may now go to meeting room #2 to meet Dr. Richard. The meeting room was just few steps away and Rod reached the entry of the meeting room. He opened the door and made himself in. Just when was closing the door behind he heard a sudden yelp from someone towards his right. When he turned, he found Dr. Richard gazing upon him in complete shock.

"I know you! You had been in my dreams...", shrieked Dr. Richards looking at Rod for the first time in his waking life.

[To be continued]


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