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Book Review #36: Angry River

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Ruskin Bond's

Angry River

Publisher: Rupa

Pages: 84

One word review: Empathetic!

Angry River is another short story from the prolific hands of Ruskin Bond and my third read. Similar to the stories of The Blue Umbrella and The Hidden Pool, the story is about a kid who lives with her grandparents on a secluded place and it revolves around the cataclysmic events occurring over a few days.

Favorite lines from the Book:

Better to have a crow for company than no one at all.

The protagonist of the story is a girl just like in The Blue Umbrella. And the narration revolves around her experiences. The narrative style is empathetic and enigmatic paving way for an engrossing read although the story is predictable. With a handful of characters and apt exposition for them the story is a pleasant read from beginning till end.

A small boat on a big river - a river that had no boundaries but which reached across the plains in all directions.

The book is only 84 pages in length. It can be read in one sitting and so is recommended for travel

journeys to carry along with you. Also, with simple English the book is best suited for children to kickstart their invaluable reading habit.

Sometimes the river is angry, and sometimes it is kind.

Verdict: A Swift Poignant Read!

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