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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: Mike was heading back home after having a tea at the bakery. 

4th Monday November, 12:40 p.m. 

"You see that red tiled house there? A Royal Enfield bike is parked inside the gate. Are you able to see that house?" asked James pointing towards Mike's house. James and Vinod were still at the bill board working out the induction process for Vinod.

"Yes, Jimji. Red tiled walls, black gates, Silver color Royal Enfield is inside. Is it your bike Jimji? Do you want me to get it for you Jimji?" answered Vinod in an appeasing manner.

James was riled. "uffff... Alright! First thing, when I ask you a question just answer it. Don't interpret and throw back a question to me. You understand?"

"Okay Jimji. Sorry. I see that house" said Vinod politely now.

"Good. Now, that bike, the Royal Enfield Classic, is the one that we are going to steal. But not today or tomorrow. We will steal it on the 2nd of next month."

Vinod was confused."Jimji. I have one doubt."

"I know what's your doubt. Why do we have to wait for almost a month? Why don't we rob the bike immediately?"

"Wow! Jimji you are really great. You read my mind. You have super powers Jimji. You are truly a Babaji" remarked Vinod in amusement.

"Not again!" bawled James."Enough of your bullshit. Listen to me now, I do things in my own way and I have a systematic approach of doing things. Before we lay our hands on that bike we need to learn the daily pattern of it's owner, you know... when the owner gets up?, when he goes to office?, How frequently he uses the bike?, When does he wash the bike? and so on."

"Why do we have to learn the daily pattern of the owner Jimji? If we go and ask him, he will tell us right?" asked Vinod perplexed. "Do you know the owner Jimji? If not don't worry, I will go and ask him right now"

"Aahhh! Are your stupid or you are really mindless? What are you going to ask him? 'Hello Sir, we are going to steal your bike. When is it available for a theft?' Idiot" fumed James. "Just shut your mouth and listen to me. Don't speak unless you are asked to"

Vinod was now overwhelmed with remorse and remained silent looking down.

James continued "Only if we know the daily pattern of the owner we can identify the Golden Hour for the theft. Is the owner new to the area or has been living here for long? Is the Bike new or old? How frequently he washes the bike? If the owner washes the bike daily, then he will take the bike out for washing and leave it with the key. Now that is a good vulnerable scenario for us to snatch the bike. Or the owner could wash once in two days or a week. He may wash it inside the garage without even unlocking the bike. Then we will have to look for other scenarios. When does he leave for work? Does he use his bike daily? Whenever he uses the bike, how long does he take from the time he leaves his front door to reach the bike, unlock it, then ignite and accelerate. These are all very critical moments. And only we if we continuously observe him and learn about him, we will come to know when would be the perfect moment for our work. Do you understand?"

Vinod was awestruck. He didn't knew so many things are involved in a simple bike theft.

"I asked you, did you understand?" James asked again.

Vinod came out of his thoughts. "Yes Jimji. So many things... Now what should we do Jimji?"

"Yes. I have already started my observation. The owner is new to the area. This means we need to be more observant. I saw him washing his bike today morning. It is a new bike, probably three or four weeks old. It is the perfect choice. Today is Monday and he hasn't gone to work. And he came to withdraw money from ATM few mins back. So I think he will go out somewhere in the noon or evening. I need you to sit tight here and observe him. When does he leave out? Did he use the bike? and When is he returning?"

"Okay Jimji. But why only me? Are you not going to be here?"

"I would have been here for the task if you had not come. But you have come into the job now. So, I could afford some flexibility to complete certain errands. I have an important work somewhere else now. I will get back in the evening. Don't do anything stupid. Just sit and observe. If you may need, use that binoculars over there."

"Okay Jimji" said Vinod and picked up the binoculars to have a look.

James got up to depart and climbed down the vertical stairs. And just when he was about to step onto the terrace, Vinod shouted "Babaji, the owner has come out..."

[To be continued]

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