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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji

Updated: Oct 10, 2020


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: James met with Father Antony at St. Peters Church and Inspector Harish had come to meet the Father.

4th Monday November, 02:27 p.m.

"Just a minute. Please make him wait in the foyer Sister", Father Antony responded. He then turned to James and whispered, "Quickly, open that door, it'll lead you to the store room. From there you can get out of the Church through the back gate."

"Alright Father. I know you won't say anything to the Police. The money will be transferred today evening. Please take care of Sam Father. I'll leave now" said James and sped past the back door of the vestry.

Father Antony now asked Sister to allow Inspector Harish to come inside the vestry to meet him. Inspector Harish came in.

"Good Afternoon Father! Hope I didn't disturb you at your private hours"

"No No. Nothing like that. You are ... "

"I am Harish, Inspector of York Avenue Police Station."

"Oh I see. I am surprised and curious to know why a Cop has to visit the Church. So, to what do I owe you the pleasure Inspector Harish?"

"It's just a routine investigation Father. Nothing serious. I am sure that you must be aware of the ongoing bike thefts in our city"

"Ah... Yes. I think I read about it in the newspapers. What about it?" replied Father Antony stolidly.

"Well, it's been a headache really, to the police uh... you see we have some leads that led us here. So, I just have some questions to ask you Father. That's it."

The Father simpered. "Oh that's interesting. I have no clue as to what is it that I have to answer regarding the bike theft. But anyways please do ask."

"So, we have identified the suspect and we have a picture of him...", Harish took out a photo as he was speaking and showed it to the Father. "'s bit obscure but I thought, you know, it could be handy if it can help you recollect any memories. Have you seen this guy around the Church Father?"

Father Antony looked at the photo and was shocked. He could discern that it was James but it'll be difficult for others to figure out. James is in serious trouble, the Father thought for a second worriedly but never divulged any of the internal restlessness on his face. Inspector Harish was closely observing the Father.

"Let me have a close look at it", Father Antony took the photo from Harish and feigned a look of confusion, "I don't seem to recognize this person. But Inspector, if you don't mind, may I know what is the reason that you are asking me about the suspect?"

"I don't mind Father. You see, we got a news that there's been a guy, looking similar to the picture, who was seen around this Church a couple of times in the last few months. That's the reason I'm asking you Father"

"Oh okay. Well, uh... as you said, the picture is unclear Inspector, I don't think even if he had come to the Church I will be able to identify" said Father Antony and returned the picture to Harish.

"Okay then... ah... I suppose that is it. But before I may leave... Father, have you come across the name Samuels?"

Father Antony was now appalled but did not let his face reflect it. They have come to know about Sam too. I need to warn James. He thought stock-still.

"...ah.. Father? Sam? Have you heard of this name anywhere?" Harish was waving his hands across the Father.

Father Antony quickly came back from his worrisome reverie. "Ah. Sorry I lost you Inspector. What is the name again?"

"Samuels... Sam?"

"Sam..." said the Father as he ruminated, "I'm sorry Inspector, I don't think I have heard that name"

"Well, okay then Father. Thank you for your time. I'll take your leave now."

"Thank you Inspector. God Bless You!"

Harish gave a nod and departed. He came out of the Church and went to the parking lot. As he was striding towards his motorbike, he took out his mobile and dialed some numbers. The call got connected and it was ringing.

"Well, what happened?" asked Inspector Douglas in the call.

"He said no. Didn't see James around the Church and never heard the name Samuels or Sam. But... ah... he seemed to be disturbed by the questions."

"Hmm... Looks fishy to me."


[To be continued]

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