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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: James and Vinod connived a plan to snatch Mike's bike and began to execute.

14th Thursday November, 7:59 a.m.

Vinod moved towards the bike as James started walking hurriedly towards the other street corner where he would be expecting Vinod with Mike's bike. The baker Babu had his attention completely fixed in the television.

Meanwhile Mike came out with his bike and was parking in the street. He placed the side stand and then went back to lock his home door. Vinod had come to the spot quicker than he anticipated and once Mike was inside the front gate, he walked frenetically towards the bike and held the handlebars. In a moment of nervousness, he started pushing the bike.

10 seconds over.

Mike was now at the door and took out the keys to lock the door. He could hear a mild clattering sound at the street and turned towards the street but was not able to see his bike from his point of view. Not finding it curious, he started locking the door.

Things turned mayhem for Vinod. He was trying hard to push the bike but the mighty two wheeler Royal Enfield Classic wouldn't move an inch further. He saw the side stand and took it off. He then directed all his strength and power and tried to push the bike again. No use. The bike didn't move.

10 seconds over.

Only seven seconds was left now. Mike had just finished locking his door and he heard a loud thud sound of metal crashing. He was now curious and walked to the front of the home gate.

James had watched all the absurdity from the corner street furtively. Realizing only seven seconds were left and Vinod not even able to move the bike a meter away, he signaled ferociously to Vinod to leave the bike and run away. Realizing this, Vinod, with the side stand off, he left the bike apprehensively and started to the corner street. With the side stand off, the bike had fell down and made the thud sound which made Mike curious.

7 seconds over.

Mike found his bike lying down in the street and was shocked. Few other neighbors was also peeking from their windows to look at what had happened. The shock then transformed into confusion for Mike. He thought he may have not placed the side stand properly and so the bike fell down.

"What the hell happened there?" asked James angrily.

Vinod was gasping for breath. "Jimji... uh... uh... let me breathe... I was trying hard to push the bike Jimji, but the bike wheels are locked Jimji. I could not push it. I did my best Jimji, believe me."

"Bike wheels locked?" said James surprised. "What the hell are you talking about? Did you check whether the gear was in neutral?"

"Gear? No, what is that Jimji. The bike was unlocked with the key in. I don't about Gear."

"Jesus Christ!!!", James placed his hands on his face humiliated. "You do not know anything about bike. Get the hell out of here. I do not want your support in anything from now onwards", said James with indignation and started walking away.

Vinod burst into tears hearing this. "No babaji, please don't speak like this. I'm really sorry Jimji." James was still walking away. "Jimji, see here, I know you may get angry and so I brought the bike key!"

"What the ..." muttered James as he turned back petrified.

[To be continued]

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